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for Stormtroopers Guide to Avoiding Stupid Deaths

5/20 c9 Gamer71796
Um, that's not the word count of J.R.R. Tolkien's complete series (3 LOtR 1 Hobbit) totals at just under 576,500. other than that small correction, I'm fascinated and curious on just how many points you can make. I look forward to your next chapter.
5/17 c8 107Scififan33
sad that those poor troopers seem to lack so much common sense. no wonder the empire lost in the end
5/10 c5 Scififan33
good chap. no 49 lost its number and first word?
5/6 c4 Scififan33
good chapter
5/5 c3 2predator1701
I couldn't stop laughing and enjoyed every second of it.
5/5 c3 107Scififan33
wow, some of those troopers really aren't smart.
5/4 c2 Scififan33
I like!
5/4 c1 Scififan33
very amusing. does the visibility in their helmets ever cause stupid deaths?

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