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for The Rebirth of Skywalker

9/11 c1 2kaiirine
That's an awesome start! Update pls...
9/5 c1 Mathias gabriel dracula
Please update
8/31 c1 somebodykillme
Absolutely brilliant! I hope you get the time to update this soon, thank you for writing!
8/15 c1 3doubledamn
I feel like this going to influence the design for Zero's costume and helmet, if he even goes ahead with that persona.
7/23 c1 1Hinate
LuluxCC forever...
came here right after reading hero of naboo didn't expected such a crossover... as I literally never read crossover so I would have never find this fic until I checked ur profile... but wow nice concept loved it .. and I can't help but this this will be Lulu CC fanfic as Anakin I don't think was ever into Harem... and CC can be said Well Witch I guess lol as perfect for Lulu.. anyways thank you for this concept loved it... take care... stay safe!
7/9 c1 3omegadramon2
This Very Interesting story Please keep updating there are not may Code Geass/Star Wars Crossover Especially ones that update frequently
7/8 c1 2gwencarson126
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME looking forward to reading more
7/6 c1 9Leonard Church814
It needs some polish and maybe less flaunting of Star Wars knowledge (Was it necessary to use the Star Wars alphabet, or mention the difference in technology often?).

You’re kinda moving too much towards Anakin/Vader over Lelouch, I’ve seen this happen many times where the insert character often over takes the original. In my unprofessional opinion it should be weighted more towards Lelouch finding who he is/was in a past life. From just reading this chapter it feels more like Anakin/Vader taking control and that’s not necessarily fun imo. Kinda feels like a cop out to escape Lelouch’s own downsides.

But hey, it could just be me.
6/19 c1 3IS6A6E
When are you gonna update this story?
I am dying to see more of Jedi Lelouch! I also hope that Lelouch builds a Lightsaber!
Also I hope this is a LelouchxKallen pairing story! Please!
6/18 c1 2Akashic Silhouette
Lelouch never led from the rear, he just wasn't an expert combatant, but he always made sure he was in the battlezone in person. Also, Lelouch is way way smarter than Vader lol, not in terms of engineering (though he could be if he wanted to) but in terms of strategy and speaking. Lelouch is a palpatine level manipulator and orator. It would make sense for this new Lelouch to be somewhat different from Vader y'know? maybe a scene or two where he thinks on the memories from his old life with a kind of detached judgement, recognizing mistakes and having a greater clarity on Anakin's manipulation by Palpatine, since he has the benefit of suddenly being way smarter lol. Another thing, you made it too easy for Lelouch to mind control people, the Geass worked because it had certain limitations Lelouch had to work around. Force mind control can eliminate all tension and conflict from a story if you handle it wrong.

Another thing, C.C. is objectively best girl lol, don't make this a harem, and I refuse to read any Code Geass stories where Kallen of all people is the main pairing. Obviously you can write what you want lmao, but still.
Anyways I'll follow this and I look forward to seeing what you write next, maybe it'll even become one of my favs eventually.
6/7 c1 2OneStoneFalling
This looks really interesting. Hopefully we get more then this one chapter.
5/30 c1 Guest
Hello there
I am often toyed with the idea Vader and Lelouch being the same person in a fanfiction but I’ve never had the time to actually write the story so this is a wonderful surprise to discover this year.

Minor suggestion for my own thought bubbles in case you’re interested
You should also focus on the fact that Anakin/Vader Is also a renowned mechanic and should possible have him tamper with the idea of Astromechs/Protocol droid as Knightmare pilots

Either way it is your own story and I hope to see more of it in the future. Cheerio and may the force be with you
5/19 c1 Hashirama 1710
it should be interesting to see how lelouch will work with the technology he has
5/18 c1 Ilas
This is very interesting and unique! I hope you will update this story soon
5/16 c1 BoredKing
I've never seen Code Geass or Star Wars but I do know Vader character and some of Lelouch's and this has definitely caught my interest.
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