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for The Rebirth of Skywalker

12/31/2020 c1 8HighValour
I do hope this is something we'll see more of, I'll admit Code Geass isn't something I'm a massive fan of but this story is something I could be very interested in.

Thanks for writing this, stay safe.
12/22/2020 c1 2Vein Bloodborne
Is it possible for you to update this? And possibly make it a harem? This story has a lot of potential, please continue.
12/17/2020 c1 9Tahkaullus01
I remember you positing this ages ago... I still think Lulu's more of a Palpatine but I'll happily read this all the same.
12/13/2020 c1 1ssj3gohan007
Great story! Well done! I love it! I am dying to know what happens next! :D
12/12/2020 c1 For'Sleep
Update please, this story is good
11/24/2020 c1 ManticoreBlues
hope you update soon
10/31/2020 c1 31Tellemicus Sundance
Wohooooo! That was AWESOME! I have never really come across a Vader-as-Lelouch story before, so this is a new experience for me. Something that is quite rare as far this particular series goes. And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE what you've done with the story so far! I truly do hope that you can come back and work on this again in the VERY NEAR future! There are just too few quality CG/SW stories out there that are worth reading and I feel that this could easily become one of them. So, please, please, PLEASE continue writing it! I wanna see just how far and how differently this story could go!

However, since I know that a lot of people are likely to ask, I hope you decide to do something different than the obscenely common pairing of him with Kallen and/or CC. Try something new, if you even decide to broach that topic at all!

Good luck and good writing!
10/29/2020 c1 Ryoji Mochizuki
huh. interesting.
10/10/2020 c1 Guest
Please continue, love your work and am fascinated with where this can go
9/11/2020 c1 2kaiirine
That's an awesome start! Update pls...
9/5/2020 c1 Mathias gabriel dracula
Please update
8/31/2020 c1 somebodykillme
Absolutely brilliant! I hope you get the time to update this soon, thank you for writing!
8/15/2020 c1 3doubledamn
I feel like this going to influence the design for Zero's costume and helmet, if he even goes ahead with that persona.
7/23/2020 c1 1Hinate
LuluxCC forever...
came here right after reading hero of naboo didn't expected such a crossover... as I literally never read crossover so I would have never find this fic until I checked ur profile... but wow nice concept loved it .. and I can't help but this this will be Lulu CC fanfic as Anakin I don't think was ever into Harem... and CC can be said Well Witch I guess lol as perfect for Lulu.. anyways thank you for this concept loved it... take care... stay safe!
7/9/2020 c1 3omegadramon2
This Very Interesting story Please keep updating there are not may Code Geass/Star Wars Crossover Especially ones that update frequently
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