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for A Sword's Work is Never Done

8/1 c3 deadal
I really hope there will be a fourth chapter!... did you plan for shirou to meet the original cast of death march? Or did this happen years before the start of the novel?
cookies bonus if Rin somehow manage to ascend to godhood and is the one blessing the reincarnated.
7/23 c3 1nightriderprime
pretty damn good, I haven't read death march before but the setting and story so far is quite fascinating, I'm sorry to learn about why you retired wandering of a sword hero it is a great story and I hope you change your mind about it and continue it in the future
7/21 c3 Guest
I hope he 'kidnaps' the girls and hightails it outta there. It's be amusing seeing him go around slaughtering the demon lords traveling and cooking for his hare-*ahem* party. Wait a second, isn't that exactly what happens in the original version of this story? Whatever, still sounds hilariously amusing if only because it'd be Emiya and not some poor isekai'd shmuck.
7/18 c3 176Firehedgehog
yeah... controlled.. pfff
7/13 c3 10Rhavis
Yer' fucked Ramus.

Eagerly waiting more.
6/29 c1 Emiya Kagayaki
Just so you know Kanshou and Bakuya have a Bonus Damage against Non-Human Enemies such as this Demon... Nasu even said that Kanshou and Bakuya can one shot Gorgon in her Monster Form
6/13 c2 Guest
Por favor please update, ojal√° pronto lo hagas
6/3 c3 1wfkiwi
Wow, i'm so hyped for this story.
A unique take on combination of one of my fav webnovels and visual novels.
Can't wait to see where you take this. please keep up your great work!

Cheers from your eager reader
6/2 c3 furukawa023
If I remember correctly Geass in this world are entirely different than Nasuverse it like slavery crest(?) but because you can't easily to dispell it and if I remember correctly one need to have specific job, and have to sacrifice a bit of your life span to be able to dispell it. I'm pretty sure Rule Breaker should be able to dispell it too because despise it nasty effect it still a mortal magic if I remember correctly the question is which Shirou is this because in Fate route (not sure about the vn ver. of Heaven's feel route though but in the movie he did see the Rule Breaker) if I remember correctly Medea, and Kuzuki died before they can meet.
6/2 c3 Biblio388
Obviously Ramus doesn't know anything about Shirou, and hasn't learned anything from their brief interaction. It is also kind of funny that he never considered just asking, jumping straight to extremes. Having fun reading this, even if I am confused about how it intertwines with the original series.
6/1 c3 Exodus12345
Please do not have a Geass or enslavement work on him. I do not want to see him as some yes man. Also if he takes a liking to any of those younger girls when he is in his forties it would just be sick. Other than that great story so far.
6/1 c3 2WildlyLaughing
Wow, I don't remember any of this from the original Death March novel. How much of this is from Death March canon and how much of it is your original story line?

I'm loving it either way but it was a question that pooped into my head
6/1 c3 2najex
Hey, have you watched the move Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya: Oath Under Snow? It introduces a version of Shirou that could easily be used in one of your fanfictions. The end of the movie provides the perfect excuse for why Shirou (and Miyu) are transported to another world.

It's also just a really good fate movie.
5/30 c3 LastPenis
Man, people keep complaining about the author drop the fic. Please remember that writing is not easy as it look like... if the author don't have any idea anymore then he will stop because if he force himself writing then it will affect the story.

So stop complaining. Try write your own story and don't complaining about the other.
5/29 c3 6HiddenMaster
I must admit, I'm not finding much information on why Yuriko is considered repulsive in this world while others from Japan find her attractive.

But other than that, it's an...interesting, start, at least. Somewhat in the same vein as other stories I've seen, but I'm liking the character interactions so far, and Shirou's abilities are always a delight.
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