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for Professor Chiron

You added another servant. You added him because you can. Damn, no wonder this fic was so trash. It has zero innovation.
10/15 c11 prometheus7987
I loved it , please come back soon with more chapters , I'm loving this story , come back soon with more chapters
6/8 c5 1Testarossacain
Just don't put Herc if your going to nerf him.

He is widely known Hero of Greece and his sthick is be unkillable and ever reviving until you put the very best of the Highest Class of attacks in the world, it will just be weird to put a nerfed version so he can be beaten by Chiron.
6/6 c11 CamoMurf
6/6 c11 SentinalSlice
Awesome! I love how you are doing Jaune justice.
I’m also liking how Chiron noticed that Jaune had tons of potential, because he mentioned that the more of something you had, the faster one seemed to grow if they were weak.
2/24 c10 HonestLife
Needs some help on story and grammar
9/6/2020 c7 egads
Needs work, pace is too fast and follows too much of the show. You should learn to do smaller deviations to flesh out the story, extra details here and there, bits and snippets in-between the show timeframe that's not shown, there's a lot there that can be added in between so you don't jump from one event to another.

Work on your banter, and you should space more of those character developments, you're not writing a half-hour show after all so take all the time you need.
9/6/2020 c3 Akashi1412
WTF Chiron never regret teaching Jason what are you talking about you motherfucker. Jason and Chiron bond probably one of the best mentor-student in type-moon and you said he hated him? Jason still respect Chiron so much and Chiron know dealing with Greek Gods always bring misery so WTF
9/6/2020 c9 12ol-11jrw
I wasn’t expecting Perseus but it is fitting, he’s arguably the most famous Greek hero after Heracles. Still think Odysseus is his partner in some interpretations of Greek mythology he was trained by Chiron
8/22/2020 c2 2Stalking Fan
um you do realize that Glynda already is the combat instructor on top of being the Deputy Headmistress? or did Ozpin finally lightened Glynda's work load?
7/25/2020 c8 Mash-Potatoes1
Dammit! cliffhangers are the worst
7/25/2020 c8 12D.N.Works
Crossbow is probably Robin Hood. And yeah, Jason is definitively a coward, but if he uses his Noble Phantasm right combined with both charisma and his leadership, then almost nothing can stop him. And seems Jason is using his brain considering he must have done something to shock Chiron. Feels like Chiron forgets, even if Jason is nigh-useless in battle, intelligence is just as good as strength.
7/13/2020 c7 12ol-11jrw
So Jason and Odysseus? Still trying to work out who Aro is but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see
7/11/2020 c7 DivineWhiskey
Author, I sent you a PM with my question.
7/11/2020 c7 12D.N.Works
I say Jason is a good guy. Cowardly and wimpy as he is, Jason is genuinely a good guy and does want to help people, if only having a bad personality. A sucky one. Plus, if Chiron remembers, not ALL his students did good. Archiles desecrating a corpse, and if I recall, Herc started a war after being simply insulted.
Either way, can't wait to see how the meeting goes.
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