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for The Postnatal Realization

5/26 c1 17rgbcn
So cute! Overwhelmed Sheldon by love? That’s sweet! Thanks for sharing!
5/10 c1 Guest
So lovely. I hope you continue
5/6 c1 7Lilysstrawberryfield
This was so sweet! The feels and all the words of love between each other and their little girl was just amazing! I like the idea of the baby looking like Sheldon while she’s little! Thanks for sharing this!
5/6 c1 Ruricha
Cute and sweet! I loved this ff, is adorable! Thank you thank you!
5/6 c1 ShamyFan
Thank you! :-)
5/5 c1 Someone
That was beautiful!
Please write more stories.
5/5 c1 Guest
Such a sweet story, thank you!
5/5 c1 18PrePsychPineappleLover
Aw, I loved it! So sweet and not ooc at all!
I can't wait to read more from you soon... ;-)
5/5 c1 elizabethpmoore
This was a lovely story. Sheldon was not OOC in this. When he got married, he was overwhelmed by Amy in a good way. He taught Beverly that you can love a child as his mother did (he was a happy camper when his mom made spaghetti with cut up little hot dogs). And the end of your story where he pleaded with his daughter about not becoming a geologist was both cute, funny and so Sheldon.

Great story!
5/5 c1 tbbtfan6
I loved it... I really like this softer side of Sheldon. Maybe you could write another chapter with his conversation with his mother? It would be awesome
5/5 c1 5AlHc924
Aww, fue precioso, me gustó muchísimo.
Genial la referencia de young Sheldon jajajajaja, amé esa escena :')
5/4 c1 Guest
I love fluffy so this was perfect and I don't think it was OOC at all. Thank you so much for sharing. Can't wait for more!
5/4 c1 19kingdomfictionalia
thank you for this i love it so much! it's so sweet, tender, and with a little bit of humor. i love shamy family fluff and I laughed hard when you mentioned the tea throwing reference from young sheldon LMAO
5/4 c1 2Writer of Wonder
This was so cute! I love it when Sheldon broke down. I thought it wasn’t OOC at all. You did a very good job with this! :)

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