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for Shinji and Ventress

7/30 c1 Guest
Come on man
Youve been updating your shit recently
Please don't stop
Your literally one of the few eva authors who still updates
Font stop now your my only hope
6/5 c2 3Kleave guy
This type of story is very interesting, I wondered if Shinji and Ventress ever meet the Evangelion cast or the star war cast, hopefully Shinji will see the Evangelion cast again.

But anyway, this is an good story in my opinion, keep up the good work mate!
6/5 c2 229gunman
Not much else to say about this.
Great read.
Love the dialogue and interactions.
Hope to see more later on.
What's more, I keep wondering what other creatures they are going to encounter here.
Write on.
6/4 c2 1calebturner2016
Good chapter.
Hope more comes out soon.
6/4 c2 2banko54
This is a rather good story so far and i look forward to seeing where it goes from here.
6/3 c1 crow woyzeck
Where's chapter 2?
5/5 c1 BloodStasis
Well this is interesting. I'm curious to see more
5/5 c1 229gunman
Very nice.
And a different pairing to be sure.
Having them on a planet that is neither Evangelion or Star Wars is a good idea.
I would have given Shinji slightly different abilities than The Force, but that's me.
What's more, you have a completely new world to play with, which opens up numerous opportunities here.
You could have dropped them on Kronos during Star Trek Into Darkness, or on Krypton before it's destroyed.
But this looks promising.
Good luck with this.
Write on.
5/5 c1 SerpentEmperor707
Hehehe...This is an interesting crossover.

Please continue..
5/4 c1 267Traitor of All Traitors
Will Shinji be trained to serve the light side or the dark side?

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