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for Victor of the Moon -EXTRA-

1/27/2021 c3 doctor3027
Hope you update this soon.
11/20/2020 c3 2Mr. Haziq
Is that Kiritsugu's gun...?
11/20/2020 c2 Mr. Haziq
So Hakuno has an ability like Philip's (kamen rider) Gaia Library where he has nigh-omniscience.

Based on the blanks I'm gonna guess KISHINAMI, MOON and MOONCELL.
11/20/2020 c1 Mr. Haziq
A detective? Interesting. You'd think he'd be a programmer.
10/24/2020 c3 2KPmine1
Nice can’t wait for the next one
10/7/2020 c3 Sekizio
That was a category five "No U" right there.
5/28/2020 c3 Shen1412 - Formerly Enigma95
good to see this fic back alive
5/28/2020 c1 Shen1412 - Formerly Enigma95
5/27/2020 c3 Rodvek97
Good ChapterD
5/27/2020 c3 10ultima-owner
That was a 'reveal UNO card' moment if I ever saw one
5/27/2020 c3 M2R
5/27/2020 c3 1Primecore
5/27/2020 c3 12Akakiru
How about Papa Tsukoyomi because Hakuno is a Child of the Moon.
5/27/2020 c3 PasiveNox
5/27/2020 c3 Dasgun
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