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for An Asura Is Born

9/1 c11 Hbarrera98
Great chapter, it was worth the wait. I loved you took advantage of Izuku's Quirk thinking and tried to realistically show how the class to hold Nomu, but still not win in the end.

Also the reveal in the end. That guy doesn't a chance... Niko's not gonna use the kiddy gloves after seeing his boy beaten like that.
8/1 c11 Dyliokhan
Niceu chapta
7/28 c7 Pars1val
“Cos, or some say Cosm”
7/21 c5 2Ed-Marshall
Yeah i had a cookie XD, man i also understand let the haters be haters, some people just want to write stories for fun and relax, your story is good keep up your passion up and don't care about anyone, if his critique isn't constructive.
7/6 c7 XxKonekoLoverxX
dont diss the pineapple on pizza! it is amazing
7/4 c11 Thor
Good chapter, *SMASH* ANOTHER!
6/16 c11 Ashryuzaki2107
This story is so good! When is the next chapter
6/9 c11 Frostblight
So the Kure clan and the Hanma family know and hate eachother, Shoto actually emphasized on Quirk? Huh! Well thats what happens when you use it as a crutch douchebag!, hope we see Niko lay the hurt down.
6/8 c11 Nicholas
The old tiger is here to protect his cub Niko has unsheathed his claws and now Shigaraki is fucked, Karla sure put Shoto in his place this was a long wait but it was soooooooo worth it!
6/7 c11 1Pherix2003
Glad to see this back!

As always, great job with the chapter. I find your writing style very enjoyable and easy to read, so good job on that front. In terms of things that didn’t quite click with me in this chapter, the only nitpick I could argue would be that of the dialogue in bus on the way to the USJ feeling a little too derivative from canon and Niko Tokita showing up instead of All Might; I don’t know, it just feels weird to me considering that he is a civilian at the end of the day, powerful as he may be, and a little too coincidental.

I have a couple more nuances with the chapter overall, but I’m 90% sure they are just me problems and as such I don’t want to bother you with them too much.

Still, I think that’s all in terms of negative critiques. I’m very happy to see the plot advancing and I can’t wait to see where you go next!

Ps: I caught that Killua reference with Snake Awakens. You can’t slip HxH nods under my nose.
6/7 c11 Thekiller7
YEEEESSS! It's back! Thank you dude!

Great chapter, lots to unpack.

The Kure and Hanma have some history it seems.

The kids did much better this time around than in canon.

Niko is here to kick ass!
6/7 c11 Quickghost
Great chapter dude I definitely Can't wait for the next update and to see what happens next
6/7 c11 Kreceir
People are gonna be absolutely pissed with Shoto for not using his quirk.

I can see Karla teasing Izuku that she could be his private nurse lol.
6/7 c11 37Jss2141
Too bad for Shigaraki, things are going to get EXTREMELY painful for him and Nomu against a Niko Style master.
6/6 c11 LordJanu
where is your god now by Roknardin is good boss battle music
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