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15h c7 2Sentinel Prime
I'm saddened that Ohma isn't in the story, but I love that Niko is getting more air time. He deserves it.
2/16 c7 2Brave2000
This is an amazing crossover! You blend ashura elements and MHA aspects perfectly! I can't wait to see what happens next! Keep up the good work.
2/16 c7 13The Storm Master 567
Love the chapter and time skip was kind of expected in my mind. Izuku did a great transformation into the person he is and I feel like it would be shown through the story while getting a few flashbacks here and there. While Bakugo getting his but whooped, even if just a little was nice, hope you let Izuku really stick it to that prick. I don’t understand why people like him. He’s that one bully at school that no one had the guts to do anything to stop him because he had potential to go far into the world and would still have that attitude like he’s better than everyone. Hits home to me. One last thing. Why is it that you do such long pauses between situations? Just feels like you could have written it like, “he stays silent for a few moments, looking deep into his soul”, kind of thing. Still, love the story and I can’t wait to see Izuku shove it up All Mights’s ass that he doesn’t need OFA to become the best hero in the world.
2/11 c7 Poleba42
Welcome back my brother! Fun chapter, I was anxious when the fighting would start and how you'd handle them. So, let's start the breakdown.

1. Izuku's confidence: martial arts and physical exercise have done wonders to the little green bean. This Izuku isn't shy, but he is reserved, just as he isn't cocky, but he won't back down from a challenge. A good blend of Ohma in the beginning of Ashura and
Deku from later chapters of the manga. His confrontation with Bakugo came earlier than I expected, I thought you'd save it for UA. However, getting it out of the way as soon as possible while also knocking him down a few pegs could spell a different Katsuki from the one we know. Looking forward to where you'll take his character

2. Fight scenes: from the first chapter, when you wrote the short altercation with Niko, I was excited for the first larger fight. This one was a rethread of Ohma VS Rihito but the content itself wasn't important to me, I wanted to get a feel of your fight scenes and you did not disappoint. Good back and forth, solid visuals and impacts, sprinkled with commentary from the side lines like all great fighting manga need. This fight took my previous hype and dialed it to eleven, I can only imagine the kind of setpieces from later on, such as the Sports Festival. Props to you my man

3. Kengan's Characters: now we see the two franchises clashing in the open and the possibilities you've laid down are great. Niko's carefree confidence versus Bakugo's explosive ego is just the beginning, can't wait for what you're cooking in there. Plus, the superman joins the frame, he's a doofus who wears his heart on his sleeve in the manga and here he's an even bigger softie. Loved the background with his family as well as his employment with Ajiro Fisheries. Please, please, please, let him stick around, even if you have to put him in Class B. I could see him, Deku and Cosmo becoming a trio of headaches for poor Aizawa lol

Thank you very much for updating and I wish you a speedy recovery. Can't wait for the next chapter.

P.S: I followed you on Twitter, I'm nickbringmann over there! :D
2/5 c7 Sageofchaos
hope to read more.
1/30 c7 JMR
I love. I have read the 7 chapters at once and I have freaked out.
I want more please.
And one more thing: Izuku x Karura
1/31 c6 RunOnSentences
There would be literally over a billion quirkless people on the planet
1/31 c6 RunOnSentences
The rare quirkless specimen thing just isn’t as good idea as you think it is. 20 percent is a fifth of the population, which is so much more than you think it is, plus my previous point of there being hundreds of years of data on the human body before quirks
1/31 c2 RunOnSentences
What scientific benefits? Like what benefits are there whatsoever? The vast majority of human history is full of quirkless people, and there is a amount of data on those bodies
1/28 c6 1Messiah of authors
Dammit how dare you! Make cry in is chapter you jerk! Damn I love is story!
1/27 c2 ehbon172
This is just so weird, I’m sorry but it’s pretty clear to me that there is an extreme lack of understand of what a 4 year old is capable of. Most four year olds are just learning to run, can’t balance themselves on one foot for more than a few seconds, and many of them are still toddling. Their physical development is just starting to reach the functional being state, not to mention their mental development. A four year old running around the city dumpster diving and getting beat up by thugs? They can hardly move yet, and wouldn’t have the wherewithal to even know how to dumpster dive without being shown... let alone the capability.

I guess I’ll just have to chalk it up to impossible anime logic and leave it there. That being said, isn’t this too early for him to have even learned he was quirkless?
1/25 c7 maydena
awesome chapter but to much space in between the text when you r trying to be dramatic xD ... anyways as i said it was a awesome chapter i just really REALLY really REALLY hope you dont do the original ochacko x deku pairing its so boring and over used
1/24 c7 Talon
Yoshiro a prick? Understatement of the century! It was great seeing bakugo's anger towards izuku i look forward to seeing izuku's first day at ua also if izuku will gain a quirk how about this idea? Izuku gains a quirk called fenrir giving him the power turn into either a wolf demihuman or a full gaint wolf, pros: razor-sharp claws and fangs increased strength speed reflexes durability able to create tornado's by running in circles and great speed and tunnel underground(got the idea from assassin's creed Valhalla), cons: in full wolf mode becomes more feral and bloodthirsty weakness to gleipnir.
1/22 c7 Dumah
I like that you made lihito more humble and gave him a family to care for, as for that arrogant little fag(yoshiro) i hope that spazzy little fairy ends up on the receiving end of something very painful.
1/21 c7 Guest
So the Kure clan has black eyes. Well here me out
. Mina Kure subbing for Karla and like Karla she wants Izuku’s babies.
Or just add in Karla and Mina and make a harem. Ohma had at least 2 girls after him
Izuku With ochako Karla Mina and Toga 2 heroes 2 killers
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