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9h c149 2Lord Roustabout
Due to personal events beyond my control I will need to announce a 24-hour delay on the next chapter. I’m sorry for the short notice, but this was not something I was able to account for. I will be doing my best to keep delays minimal, but there is a lot I will be dealing with in the near future that will impact my ability to maintain my writing schedule.
17h c149 1Thisisnotwoking
Hot damn this chapter
Jack slash is dead with a triple D
11/28 c149 Cade2065
I enjoy your novel and can understand why the chapters are so long, considering the more words, the more rolls. As I've previously binged this, there are so many parts that are repetitive and unneeded. Each chapter can be better condensed; an excellent example of saying more with less is stories by Pef on QQ. These are just my thoughts. I love what you have created; it is just a nitpick - thanks!
11/28 c95 Fetteraga
interestingly enough, this shows the scale of how much the story is slowed down, 54 chapters from "Haha, I tricked garment into producing a substandard show" to the final speechs and congratulations on a well done event.
11/27 c149 9sd74
What do you think of putting an Stargate to the Final Frontier Ship? Just having similar looks and similar function.

FunFact: I kinda like the analogy used in Stargate of it using a phone to dial itself.
11/20 c6 Guest
Love the 'illusion of choice' bullshit that is going on because the passenger has a boner for taylor
11/22 c142 Misaka Phenex
I kinda of don't like where this is heading feels like he's getting a god complex that or he will be a control freak
11/21 c149 hutchersongabriel9
This was not it most of it was just word salad and mindless rambling
11/21 c109 Misaka Phenex
Wish bonesaw get amnesia or something and join celestial forge
11/21 c108 Misaka Phenex
11/21 c149 3Lord of Seven
1. I'm curious if anyone has an explanation to this, or if this already have an answer, but how strong is Joe relative to an individual Shard? Or how strong he is to Scion right now? Because some of his perks are *crazy*, especially when you have something like the spiral energy (and some other stuff too long for me to list).

2. Also, wow, officially chapter one hundred and longer than the original Worm itself and we're still so far behind from the Leviathan Arc (I'm so excited for that, however long it takes to reach it).
11/20 c149 gweenace
I mean, the characters are bringing up "last week" as if that wasn't 3 goddamn years ago is freaking me out a bit. I HAVE BEEN READING THIS FOR 3 YEARS AND WE ARE JUST PAST THE BAKUDA ARC. I think the accumulation of points thing isn't what is making things so long. It isn't even the side stories, its the lack of the progression of time.
11/20 c149 gweenace
I now realize why this story is so enthralling despite its extreme flaw. Tinker stories are hard to write well even when focusing on a single branch of science/pseudo-science. This story focuses on like 20 branches at a time very well. The writer is either studying to write this or is a nerd beyond all comprehension. I know it'll be great when something finally happens but I can't help but read "I'll talk to you tomorrow night" as "this conversation will happen in March of 2024 at the earliest"
11/18 c149 Guest
would be awesome if joe got an army of nier atomatas as pilots for his titans and as his own army

reaaaaaally scare the shit outa the world by comming in with super soldiers (they wont know they are actually androids of course) armies that look like supermodels XD

with war bipedal machines as partners

maybe have the more peace loving automata be assistants for delphi and his duplicates

maybe model and stuff lol

would be hilarious if they were all family even XD

like cousins and stuff

my guy needs more man power anyhow

really show he has quantity and quality

maybe make not look all alike tho

that would be weird and hela sus to the outside world
11/18 c149 Guest
damn would be awesome if garment could get a human body

so far only garment hasnt gotten an upgrade on her capabilities

maybe double up on kamui boosts?

garment could take care of synergy or harmony to really coordinate things better in combat and tetra could handle violence with joe

she could maaaaybe joe could upgrade her into seeing the tapestry of fate?

so she could see the past, present and future and give joe a spidey sense?

she would probably like to see how fashion evolved

and communicate way better by seeing the world in a more human way like tetra

none of that charade stuff

she would still be able to see the world like she used to but like tetra, shed be able to have a lot more options to explore and enjoy

style the perfect dresses for herself and all that

she might even get stronger with mantra than joe if she practiced it too

maybe lust?

would be awesome if Kataklyzein used wrath tho
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