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for Brockton's Celestial Forge

7/22 c62 Scoolio
Oh god, the lava ride scene is too cute. Also, take your time dude. It’s writing like this, that makes all the difference in the world.
7/22 c62 Guest
Make sure to do what you enjoy and write how you want to write. Ignore all the a-holes who give you criticism about the story pacing. In my opinion, this is one of the best stories on this website regardless of any "slow pacing". This is your writing style and I think it works due to the detail we are getting into the character's thought processes and the way we are drawn into the scenes with the incredible detail you provide.
7/24 c62 8uflesh940
It seems like he has a different costume every day, hehe
7/23 c62 ygh616
A solid chapter here. I'm sorry to hear about you stressing out. I find that it is important to let a story otherwise it can feel frantic to the reader. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
7/23 c62 nathan22357s
I hope you are ok and keep up with the fic but have fun with it and enjoy making it I just started reading this fic a few days ago and it's the fic that got me in to worm fics and as long as you are enjoying making this fic I will be reading no mater the pacing
7/23 c62 uflesh940
Glad the author is doing better
7/23 c62 gweenace
I really don't even care about the pace of the story, it's Tolkien-esque. What I do care about is the (mundane daily action> (3 paragraphs on how his powers affected the action) structure that plays out sometimes. I think those specifically should only be used if it provides context to an action taken that actually effects literally anything that isn't an every day thing.
7/23 c62 Rinalasha
Hmm, depends what you mean by pacing, the plot pacing is fine to me, my #1 trouble is when technobabble takes over...btw this chapter was great, no problems.

#2 is lack of dialogue, my favorite part of fics. I don't count talking with duplicates, as I don't care for them. I feel a bit robbed when a conversation is interspersed with several irrelevant inner monologues

I'm very guilty of commenting only when I have a complaint, but this is my favorite worm fic these days - even on spacebattles
7/22 c4 3Lostinfantry
"On the cape scene there were few things scarier than a tinker pulling out some device and saying something to the effect of 'Ok, I'm not sure what this does.'"

This is probably favourite line in the whole story! ROFL!
7/22 c62 Zyxis Ouroboros ReArchtypist
I don't mind the pacing. Reading about lava surfing and helping one's community definitely put me in a better mood than I was before. As long as you enjoy writing it, there will be people who enjoy reading your work.
7/22 c62 Josnacio
The pacing is fine. I mean, I prefer stories with slightly faster pacing, but if you accelerated it now you would probably end up having to write Joe wondering why he is getting power less often. It would just complicate everything.
7/22 c62 2Kaiya Azure
I suppose surfing is better than fishing in that environment.

So, does Apeiron have to worry about a magical girl transformation at some point?
7/22 c62 bombbastik
I like this pacing a lot better, it’s even better as the author is enjoying the story. It wasn’t too rushed, like the MC was on adrenaline, while still adding the growth/exploration that I was looking for when I started reading this; I also like the tone of the chapter. The MC wasn’t completely happy, as he needed to get himself together, but he also want so angst ridden that he seemed to be buried in self doubt.
Thanks for the chapter!
7/22 c62 Kalstorm99
nice chapter.
7/22 c62 JanusIIV
Hey, Roust. Long time listener, first time caller.

There's a risk I end up going off on a weird tangent because I have a habit of being conversationally ambulatory, so I'll say from the start: I love this story. I love Joe as a character. I love the nature and structure of the story so much that, in the face of other things to read, I have said unironically "Damn, nothing good to read. Better read Forge again." It's a good story written well, and I'd kindly like to tell everybody who doesn't like the structure and pacing to fuck off the nearest cliff.

If you didn't like it before, there's no reason to expect the author to change that at the 1-million word mark and the option for you to stop reading is free - just like the rest of the story.

I meant to leave a review for this story a long time ago but, due to a bunch of things happening, I've essentially put it off for...half a year? Longer, at this point. I'd probably still do so, but the intersection of the Author's Note and me still feeling weird about author-reader relationships in the wake of one my favourite storyteller's (Kentaro Miura) death left me writing this long-ass comment. Especially as a former internet shitter who's...said bad shit to people who didn't deserve it.

Like I said before, I really like Forge. Part of that was the completely unexpected surprise of, from my perspective, a well-constructed Worm story with a novel approach to who the protagonist was (me going "He's the guy from Parian's thing!" is a cherished revelation) and an interesting powerset basically springing whole-cloth from the aether. I don't remember where the story was when I first encountered it, but there was enough that I basically got to sit down and take a massive rip of The Good Shit (tm).

I'm already like four paragraphs in, so I'll try to be brief about *why* I like it and *how* I like it. I like smart heroes. I like creative heroes. I like inventiveness and exploitative rules abuse, and Joe manages to have all of these qualities without devolving into an "I am very smart" plot device. He has his own significant and very, very human flaws and foibles which would probably give me anxiety to read about, if I shared them more strongly. I like seeing growth over time, both explicit and implicit, and Joe figuring out synergies between his powers is actually my favourite part of him getting stronger.

I like the strong characterizations, of both canon characters and the OCs. Characters being unique and distinct in their interludes was always a highpoint of Worm to me, and I have just as much as fun trying to figure out whose perspective it is before their name gets mentioned. I like the fact that the cast is actually broad, and other characters with reasons to be involved aren't kept out of the plot by a magical Brockton-only bubble. I like that Joe's effect on the world is large, but as often problematic and unexpected as they are fun and entertaining; that the ripple effects are significant, and unpredictable (Accord investing in Garment, everything with Coil, the "not exactly Hell" Firmament connection and Scion).

I like...a lot of things about Celestial Forge, if I haven't made that clear. For a significant portion of time, looking forward to the weekly Wednesday updates were the highpoint of my week. As a former lowly call centre wageslave, it was literally the only thing I had to look forward to and recontextualized how I felt about the passage of time. Having something good to focus on was great and helped turn my mental health around for the better, and helped me convince myself to begin writing things again. I even started writing my own Celestial Forge story based on Naruto which, mercifully for the world, I've only inflicted on one friend.

In the course of reading Brockton's Celestial Forge, I've survived a house fire, gotten a better job, and even gotten married. Not things I'm going to say are a direct result of reading obviously but, in large part, what helped me get through tougher times working a bad job and living in a bad area was having something this delightful to distract me and remind me of the things I actually enjoy.

So, thanks. I hope you keep writing the story you want to write, and I'm happy you're enjoying doing so again.
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