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1h c116 shugokage
Great job on this interesting chapter and scene!
1h c116 evilstatistic19
Great chapter looking forward to the next one
6h c116 3d8rkforcen1ght7
Happy to see a Fire Emblem skill here. I wonder if we'll see Draconic Crafting or something else in the future?
7h c116 NewVillage
Nice, I'm glad that Joe no longer has the glaring weakness to annihilation powers and yet he still cares for the safety of others. This fact leaves him vulnerable to those either smart enough to realize this fact or those sick enough to not care about collateral damage. Barbuda still has hostages that need to be saved. March is a zombie puppet, but still free and dangerous. The teeth are seemingly quiet, but I bet not for long.

I'm feeling anxious for some action, but I know that when it does arrive it will be harsh and long. More reminiscent of a world war than a boxing match. This is the calm before the storm and I am loving it. The bigger the breath, the bigger the bite.
There is only one thing I want to see in fanfic, everything else is here.
I need to see Joe go "Nanomachines son!" after just brushing off an Endbringer or Siberian"
8h c116 Buddles
If he made a battle-suit wouldn't it classify as a weapon? Might not be able to destroy an Endbringer yet, but i doubt they'd be able to destroy him either. When he takes a punch from Alexandria to the face and is unmoved. Well i figure the Capes in Brockton will mostly pack up and leave or as to join him.
9h c116 RoyalTwinFangs
Very nice chapter here
10h c116 xXwolfsterXx644
Great chapter dude joe new ability definitely seems useful definitely Can't wait for the next update and see what happens next and what new ability he gets next
11h c116 3Lennex MacDuff
Glad Alec was able to get some stuff off his chest. He's absolutely right that half of the team is wrapped up in their own BS and it's affecting everyone else.

Rachel announcing she was going on a date with Fleet was freaking adorable and hilarious. I don't know how Alec would've been able to keep his laughter in, because I started cracking up immediately with that comedic timing.

Joe finally figured out (rolled for) an immunity to annihilator effects. It might have been like tempting fate but I agree that at this point, there is next to nothing that could do more than slow him down. That was a hell of a lucky break for him.

As always, I'm looking forward to more and loving everything you do! Keep it up!
11h c116 3Dalan777
Rachel and Fleet for the win. Great chapter. I'm hoping to see Lisa eventually realize that just because the world is watching them doesn't mean it can do anything when the response is likely to rival most Endbringer battles. And Brian seems to be slowly closing himself off more and more. Second trigger possibly?
13h c116 Aisk
Ah yes, the reason why Inigo inherited something that wasn't galeforce.

Before limit break anyway...
17h c115 NewVillage
This story is excellent. Gaining powers by number of words slows down the story telling and increases character development and world building. This version feels full and the interactions carry meaning. Yeah, the progression feels a little slow and the MC is getting really powerful. However, that means big bad guys get to be even bigger. The mc will have to be smart enough to face the Slaughter House 9 and other big bads. As well as being prepared for the World Ender's specifically targeting him. This story looks like it is on a great path.
10/4 c115 babiloniaolimpo
At least we know that nothing bad will happen to the Undersiders and the MC's acquaintances.

The MC thoroughly researched the S9, so he knows that one of the S9's favorite tactics is to use his targets' allies, family, friends, etc.

So one of the first things the MC must have done is send in stealth drones to keep an eye on everyone he knows and their family, friends, and peers.

It would be stupid to think that the S9 is going to follow the unwritten rules, it is 100% sure that they are going to try to kidnap the relatives of the Undersiders. And also the family members of basically everyone the MC knows.(in his cape identity and his civilian identity.)

it is better to assume that they already know the civil identity of the MC and of all the capes in the city. It would be too optimistic to think otherwise.

I can easily see how jack threatens and extorts all the capes in the city to attack the MC. Dealing with Bakuda's group, Coil's group, and Butcher's group has become much more urgent. Especially Coil's since that puts Taylor in direct danger.


I'm also including that guy who was given the Goku uniform by the MC, having any piece of his tech unattended would be complete stupidity. With all the experience and memories the MC has, it should be obvious how horrible it would be if some biotinker acquired any sample of whatever biological thing he worked on.

And I'm not just referring to the S9, I'm sure that after having known Jack's power to control the Parahumans, the MC investigated all the capes on the east coast or more, he had a lot of 'time' to do it.

One can never be too prepared when it comes to the S9.
10/4 c112 Sanosuke84
Exposition Exposition Exposition Exposition Exposition Exposition Exposition Exposition Exposition Exposition Exposition Exposition Exposition Exposition Exposition Exposition.



I'm just done you haven't stratched the surface of worm and I can see you are already writing yourself into a corner. Too much power growth no real story progression. This will go no where and if you push it the story will have no more natural progression then it will peder out with no where to go.
10/1 c115 Guest
Guys I actually have a lifehack for this. I read first 4 word from each paragraph and then go to next, if there is no meaning except power masturbation. And at the end of the chapter i read ability names skipping description.
Obviosly this lifehack is not perfect - up to 2.47% of non filler text can be skipped along with power masturbations and thats on condition that you are smart and fast enough to analyze each paragraph based on first 4 words. But at least its better than skipping straight to the bottom to check new ability names and close the chapter, like most of us do.
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