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8/18 c66 Shinda Naibu
You're spoiling us really, these last few chapters really came out rapid fire.
I thank they for the good works that thou has bestowed upon this humble patron
8/18 c65 babiloniaolimpo
The mention of March almost made the whole chapter bitter, but the fact that the MC can now create better alchemy positions and get one more clone is a pretty good thing.

I also think it is very good that he has gained a new power that helps him with social interactions, that together with his power to read fashion and other powers that serve to read people, will be very useful.

There is also that power that makes him do something 5 times better as long as he concentrates on it.
8/17 c62 Asumodeus
man this was really good chapter, really brought life into it. I was starting to loose interest, but this chapter just renewed it with a passion. Excellent work.
8/15 c65 Guachico
Great chapter. Really enjoyed it.
8/14 c65 0vrLrd71
Holy, of course the Skull lab would be overjoyed with the Bright spears
8/14 c64 0vrLrd71
huh, so it doesn't count parahumans? suck but I had guessed it, I mean Alex gets her super strength from her shard so it would be amiss for him to go up to that level lol
8/13 c65 1Sortofsane
Can bitch master him in his transformed state or force him to change?
8/13 c19 4Silent Anu
ahh... I hate these type of dumb goody two shoe hero wannabe. Dropped.
8/13 c65 5Greyff
Honestly, one of the single most useful things Joe can get right now is from the Harry Potter wandwork and a single spell: Reparo. In the movies that can fix everything from a cracked pair of eyewear to busted up buildings.
8/13 c7 4Silent Anu
I don't get it, why does he need Taylor again? At some point he should be able to make world ending weapons, making a weapon to kill that golden boy should not be that difficult.
8/12 c65 2Kaiya Azure
For some reason, the whole Beam Katana and other No More Heroes stuff showing up in this story got me excited. Not sure why though.
8/12 c65 StoneForge98
Thanks for the chapter, an unexpected birthday present thanks.
8/12 c59 1RoachVit
Lmao Shawn. Now I remember Kotheimer
8/12 c65 xXwolfsterXx644
Definitely Can't wait for the next update and funnily enough I was watching both playthrough of no more heroes
8/12 c65 adam110902
great chapter
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