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for Brockton's Celestial Forge

7/9/2020 c23 14RedBurningDragon
Speaking of megaman i feel that workaholic would work with megaman too considering... wonder if you have Netwarriors as an AI thing he can do
7/9/2020 c23 TwistedView
Oh man!~ the cliff though, I think you need a hyperbolic time chamber so you can write like four chapters in 20 mins real time, because that might be able to handle my need for more of this!
Thanks for the chapter!~
7/9/2020 c23 RealityOyster
7/8/2020 c23 Kinunatzs The Eternal
Nice its more on the story now than pure monologue few chapters back and will you add more Jumpchain Perks that doesn't exist in the Celestial Forge? specially the new one's?
7/8/2020 c23 owlwig
Why won’t the mc kill when his enemy uses lethal force and is trying to kill him.I just don’t get mc that do this.
7/8/2020 c23 owlwig
I don’t know if this got sent last time but you should have the mc get mind control/manipulation technology so he can make the girl that knows his secret identity lose her memory’s of his identity.
7/8/2020 c23 Anbu69
Not only is this a good read but is a blast to read the combat. Really well done and good job!
7/8/2020 c23 Angeloux
All the yes! Glad to see the positive effect he's having on Taylor. This mystery thinker is quite possibly Coil? With the assistance of Dinah. That's my guess.
7/8/2020 c23 2Aguy.SB
It feels a bit ridiculous, the low level of force vs Uber&Leet given the massive terrorist attack. Because either (A) the protagonist is looking at this as a civilian or (B) as a soldier.

If (A), then the protagonist is seeing dozens of corpses, many from semi-innocent conscripts (who are themselves often teens). And not pretty corpses. If you want an idea as to what that might look like, you can google it, but it's *really* ugly. You can't look at something like that even just as a remote image and have it not affect you, let alone in person with all the injured screaming and crying. It's hard to have any sympathy at all for the terrorists after that, plus its super overwhelming - he'd probably go full on soldier-mode just because of that, but even without soldier-mode it he'd be either furious or total mission-mode. Neither of those mentalities are likely to do anything other than maximum damage minimum time.

If (B), then the protagonist is basically functioning in ME soldier mode. Again, thinking back to the games (or for that matter to soldiers in reality) not something likely to prioritize non-lethal.

Add in the fact that U&L are way out of character, and potential lethal threat to Taylor-savior-of-the-world, and the fight seems super passive and low-energy on the protagonists part. Compared to just blowing off their legs with a max-power pistol shot or something and continuing on.
7/8/2020 c23 Kono Dio Brando Da
you know, leet? Git Good in tinkering.
7/8/2020 c23 MoreRational
I've got a question. Will our mc ever go murderhobo on major villians? Or will he just batman his way around everytime?
7/8/2020 c23 23Remzal Von Enili
One of those abilities sounds like it could be a pain in the ass.

What if you're trying to make a singular control unit tht needs to be a certain size?

Do you have to try to make it 3 times smaller than you need?
7/7/2020 c22 Shadow Stalker
Samurai Jack?
7/5/2020 c22 KrisB-71854
This was a very fun story to read. It was sort of a blend of II and PM and jump chain powers/perks. It was like he was getting semi random jump chain abilities unlocked. They were blending II and PM rather well.

I've enjoyed the plot drama. The tinker details were mixed. Just how much bling does someone need to add on to things? Armsmaster should fell lacking when he gets Joe is actual for real tinker.

I liked the Therapist visit. I was wondering what Joes back story was. I thought he was an out of town guy that went on his own after dropping out from college. Finding out that he was having long term depression on tom of a minor dating event was different. I feel sorry about the entire Sabah thing. They weren't dating. It was a miscommunication on both sides leading to rather bad feelings.

I'm amused that therapist guy thinks that Joe is dating Garment. More like she's his defacto roommate and lab assistant. Plus mime.

There is a part of me that would love for Sabah and Garment to either end up dating or discussing Joe or just chatting about fashion to actually working clothing together to all the above.

Joe has no dating experience. It wasn't that he was just rejected the entire changing of her life at the same time threw him. It seems like you might have been trying to bring in Taylor's mom as his college guidance person? She was an English lit teacher there. I thought that was 2 years ago so I'm not sure how that fits into the timeline.

I've been amused that folks think that Joe has a thing for Taylor. We've not actually seen much of her POV any. Well, she's panicked that she's lead him to the dark side and all that. Sighs. I sort of want to see her confused on how to take his possible attraction to her. He isn't, but well she does have rather nice gear from him so teen cape logic. He must love her.

It'd be much easier if he just told them that his thinker ability says that Taylor is supposed to save the world. If she dies, I might as well build a space craft and find another one as this one isn't going to survive. That would put his entire thing with Taylor in a new light with the group.

Tattletale would try so hard to figure out how that is supposed to work.

I can see all this being Lilys fault for her rival coming to town and helping things along. That would be reason enough to have her not be in BB. It's enough of a powder keg. They shouldn't be moving in someone that would draw in that escalation.

I miss Aisha. Let's be honest her interest in Joe was fun. She's way too young for him, but I'd love for them to have their moments. She's teased him and knows just what sort of type he is. He is of utterly no threat to her. Finding out that he is a cape is great. I was actually sort of hoping that she'd end up as Joe's teammate rather than part of the Undersiders. I was just waiting for her to get her Imp powers and follow him home after her dad tended to forget about her.

He needs his own team. It was fun having him interact with the Undersiders, but I didn't really want him being part of that group. I like him healing them and baling them out like this. Sure he didn't get to go to the Rig, but he will have stopped the bomb tinker so there is that.

I'm sort of waiting for this to settle down. I can't wait to see an Uber and Leet interlude wondering on who the new badass in town that happens to save the Undersider's butt is.

Oh, idea. If it comes out that the Undersiders have a boss, Coil needs to try to spin things that Joe is their boss. Or atleast rumored to be and honestly annoyed at the idea. ;)

You have missed a needed scene. O.k. Undersiders have knives of doom and a healing contract. Joe should be making them new outfits and some new cloths now that he has all those style upgrades.
7/5/2020 c22 ReplicatedReplicator
This entire chapter was a joy to read. It's actually a bit surprising that HF is that much of an improvement over wind runes and the like, but guess MGR bullshit magic is nice too.
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