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9/13 c6 1Damien NightFall
Ok... Let me get this straight. This dude is pretty much a master crafter, he can make fantastical armour or vehicles etc, and lets not forget their making a rush order, as in equipment for a group of 5 people in 41 hours, and hes getting... 2k a month. Holy fucking shit is that dumb, he's barely making more than a guy who earned $10 an hour and worked 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, would make in that same month.

The only thing holding him back atm is funding, he should not be essentially giving his work out for free because apparently the buddy in his body is a taylor hebert fanboy.
I say essentially for free because casually searching up how much a professionally made sword costs will net you around 10k all the way up to 25k. He can make far more than a sword. Sure he's unknown at the moment, but if he made a product and proved its function he could easily sell it for more than he'd make with the undersiders for months.

If Brockton Bays minimum wage is the same as Bostons now (not sure it is) He would actually be earning slightly more than the undersiders are willing to pay him.

... If you didnt want to mention call beads, then don't mention call beads. This is a simpler equation that 112. Oh thank god he decided not to tell them, I was seriously getting worried the next thing he'd do is casually give them full control over his every action.

This obsession with taylor is literally making me slowly dislike the story. God damn have a single thought that is your own and not your passengers man. Is the rest of the story going to revolve around him being obsessed with protecting her and everyone she associates with?

Right right, apparently liking someone is a worthy excuse for forgiving their attempt at fucking mauling you to death. Holy shit did this story start going downhill fast the second the passengers regard for others completely overwhelmed the MC till he became a bloody puppet.
Im going to keep reading because its a fascinating concept that's pretty well written, and I seriously hope the MC actually returns to being his own person with an ounce of intelligence.

Man. Monomolecure knives for fucking 2 grand a month. Sure they will also pay for the materials and machinery, but so would a hundred other groups probably, the only thing leading him is a strange unknown feeling given by a passenger in his body.

So whats the whole deal with Aisha? A traumatised kid that tries to seduce older guys? Damn thats fucking creepy.

Ooooh biomechanics and cybernetics? Who needs a suit of armour, when your body is perfection incarnate!

Hmmm he's getting a lot of knowledge, I seriously hope he puts it to use and doesn't just hide it away out of fear.

I was pretty flamy in this review, but honestly the tiny amount he's getting paid, and how he's getting led around with a leash by his passenger, is just infuriating to read.
9/13 c69 1Lord Roustabout
I have some bad news regarding the next update. Unfortunately, I’m going to need to delay the next chapter. I have a hectic week coming up and will not be able to get the chapter completed on time. I had hoped to avoid this, but considering the complexity of the next chapter I don’t want to put out something unpolished or half finished. It should only be a one-week delay and will also allow me to get the chapter up to a decent length.
Sorry for the inconvenience,
9/12 c2 1Damien NightFall
Enjoying the story so far, but one Issue I have is with the weird obsession with becoming a superhero despite seeming to have no real motivation for it. It feels like he feels like that is the only possible life path he has and has given up any thought of a life outside of it.
9/9 c69 Guest
You can't imagine how long I've waited for this visit to the psychologist. I feel that this increase in beauty will give us ill-fated situations. Please tell me that it is so.
9/11 c69 2Kaiya Azure
Hm... Apeiron teaching a class... I wonder who would be his students.

On the bright side, Rachel is learning.

Is it just me or does Alec remind anyone else of MCU's Tony Stark with the way he was behaving? Or at least the actor that portrayed the character?

Yeah, Apeiron might need to build his own therapist at this point. No offense to the one he already has, but still.
9/11 c69 shugokage
Great job on this chapter and scene!
9/9 c16 TheForgottenKing
I hate Coil with a passion and I can't wait to read his death again
9/11 c69 Angular Glass
Just finished catching up to current from c1 - here, (First read) and my goodness was it an enjoyable experience. I've read many, many things and never have I read anything close to this.

Perhaps the closest comparison I can make is Ignition over on SV, of which I also enjoyed substantially. This work of yours is unique and I mean that seriously, rather than being referential, source materials are treated properly to the extent that it makes me enjoy the story, and the IPs referenced more.

I'll be entirely transparent, I enjoy your work more than I ever have Worm. You've exceeded the source material IMO.

Thank you! : )
9/10 c68 1JamBasic
Why does it always becomes shit when the MC talks to his family. Like they all treat him like a mentally disabled person or a minor which doesn't make any sense because the details given in the story is not enough. Which makes that whole family drama plot point a drag and just annoying especially with the author's special brand of exposition that make a drag more of a drag.

I'm fine with the power expositon repitition. I can just take a glimpse and get the jist of it. But the whole family drama since the start of the story is really annoying and one of the thing that made me don't care about it.

Either just make a family drama arc and be over it or make a family member interlude to explain shit. Cause all of it is like for the third time just annoying when things aren't explained. This story is already above a million words and all I can explain about his family is that he's treated like shit cause they see him as shit that can't take his shit together and repeat. And I don't want to believe that he really is shit all this time. Cause that's just shit.
9/9 c69 Culhu31415927
I actually laughed at Joe accidentally making bikini armor that is better than just about any other armor out there! Great chapter!
9/9 c69 RoyalTwinFangs
Nice chapter
9/9 c69 Nercius
Another great update. I love how you can handle the many moving pieces in the side characters. Also re-read some of the earlier chapters and Aisha's actually likeable now. Taylor didn't get the kinsect but did get a Bag of Holding(insects). Hahaha!
9/9 c69 superpierce
another good chapter love this story can't wait to see what Joe makes next to make everyone grow gray hairs.
9/9 c69 2Zev06
9/9 c69 Enthessi
I feel I need to make the unneeded comment about gaining a power from Aphrodite on chapter 69. Thanks for another chapter!
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