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9/9 c69 superpierce
another good chapter love this story can't wait to see what Joe makes next to make everyone grow gray hairs.
9/9 c69 2Zev06
9/9 c69 Enthessi
I feel I need to make the unneeded comment about gaining a power from Aphrodite on chapter 69. Thanks for another chapter!
9/9 c69 0vrLrd71
God, that last line
9/8 c69 Usurper
Man your wasting too much time explaining about his abilities and its hindering progression of your story. Some of the abilities you repeat explaining
Basically you wrote 3 chapters which describes what amounts to 5 or 6 hours of his life
This is a good story concept but even though the chapters are long there is no progression at all
9/9 c69 Shinda Naibu
Ngl I'm loving the chapter release speed
9/9 c69 PasiveNox
wonderful chapter great
9/9 c69 glavados31
He could heal psychological damage so will that work on himself right
9/9 c69 xXwolfsterXx644
Definitely Can't wait for the next update
9/8 c69 3doraemax
Pity Rick Riordan's story is driven through the eyes of Percy and Co. ie Overwhelming Power. Even Annabeth brought to bear her own overwhelming mind power, instead of all the subtle use of magic and power (i.e. like this thing with Runes). It would've been terrifying to see if they truly were to master all the powers allotted to them, including these general powers like Runecraft.
9/8 c69 TheSystemFan
So I've been posting for the last two chapters... The fan-fic is glacially advancing through the plot... I mean the somer's rock summit was in a day's time... But it has been two chapters where nothing of significance happened but it went on and on... I mean is the author deliberately prolonging this or what...
9/8 c1 Laughin coffin
The progression of this story is very disappointing basically 4 chapters which describe approximately 4 or 6 hours of his life and even then most of the words are used to describe his abilities
This story has a good concept and lot of potential but it feels like the author is withholding its progression became he's afraid of running out of ides
9/8 c69 adam110902
great chapter
9/8 c69 6Megatronus Uchiha
For anyone that reads reviews before starting to read fics I'm going to be as honest as I can here. Before you start this behemoth I would advise you to have plenty of patience as while the plot crawls at an absolute snails pace (And I mean a snail and a sloth combined slow) it is so very much worth it. The writing is fantastic, the storyline so far is easy to understand if you have even a basic knowledge of worm. The only hang up I have is the pacing but the way the author paints a picture is well worth it. It's funny as fuck at times too if you like comedy while also able to be completely serious. I enjoy it and hope others do too
9/8 c69 StormySpartan
It's scary how happy, and annoyed reading new chapters of this can make me. Every chapter comes out, concise, always with some new interesting power/ability/use of a (power/ability/craft) but then there is also the stuff that was mentioned to be happening tomorrow, then is still not quite happening 3 chapters later. Though it's only objectively annoying, because I keep expecting the chapter to cover a larger actual timeslot then it has been xD
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