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for Misunderstandings

5/24 c1 Guest
I love it please let there be more. ~ chocoholic202
5/19 c1 just yuki
Conan being paranoid, which totally justified, and then being confused. It's totally his day but he wouldn't realize it until he digest this later lol
5/6 c1 toile grant
5/5 c1 ImagInarI
The ending was too abrupt for my liking. I wanted to see how Conan reacted to those gifts of his actually working and going "Wow, I really did meet Death". Nonetheless, Harry making cryptic comments that came across as threats to Conan was really amusing. There's some irony to this situation considering MoD!Harry, when he reincarnates, is also an adult mind in a child's body.

I enjoyed this HP/DC crossover fic. Haven't seen a high quality one like this in a long time. Well, unless you count Moonlight Magician by ryulabird2. Which is HP/Deathnote but has Harry becoming Kaito Kid and pulling jewel heists to find and remove the Philosopher's Stone from the Muggle world.
5/5 c1 James Birdsong

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