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for It's Not Just A Stick: A Wand Crafter's Story

8/7 c20 1MidnightStorm022
Have you considered redoing this series and expanding upon it like you did with "The Potioneer's Assistant"? Because if you did I think that some of us would like to see Luna get the wand that Harry made with her in mind.
7/31 c20 2Ducky1776
Your writing is a joy to read! Your grammar is great and the storyline itself is great. On to read more!
7/31 c1 Ducky1776
Image of pieces of sandwich flying everywhere and a quick Scourgify being cast.
5/3 c1 AmyHF
is there another story about 2nd year? I really hope so! I like Hufflepuf Harry and Hermione
4/21 c20 Guest
can we get luna getting her wand please?
4/11 c20 2dragoon109
Sirius black deserves to be in prison
3/23 c1 Guest
I think you should make Carrie's family be nicer to him and I think you should make it a romantic story
3/2 c14 Veronica McClure
Really funny scene of Draco seeing his Father playing with the army men!;D
3/2 c5 Veronica McClure
The kids never reminded of thermal underwear!?
3/2 c4 Veronica McClure
I always knew Hedwig was an owl to be reckoned with! It's a wonder she wasn't the one to fight Quirrelmort, or that she wasn't the bird to arrive in the Chamber.
1/9 c20 Larenars
Once again an excellent story. I really enjoyed it.
12/20/2021 c20 johlmann
An excellent story! Thank you for it! I’ll look to see if you’ve written a sequel….
12/18/2021 c10 johlmann
I appreciate the gentleness of this story (I have issues with depression, too, so I need stories like this one). Dumbles is always an issue, except in one fic I’ve read, but at least he’s not wicked (yet). I like the way muggle sciences are introduced, and that the other students and professors are interested and want to learn more. I like the Dursley’s support! Thank you for this story!
Hope your gout is better…
12/2/2021 c20 40Bloodmoon Goddess
Love this! I couldn't put this story down at all! How is the next arc coming along? I know Peter is still out there and voldy's soul bits are still around. Can't wait to read it!
11/28/2021 c20 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks
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