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for It's Not Just A Stick: A Wand Crafter's Story

10/14/2020 c8 1Calmzone1
I never understood why Augusta would give Neville his father’s wand. After all, Frank is still alive and Neville did not win the allegiance of the wand. There is no way the wand would have worked for him, except perhaps begrudgingly because it was for Frank’s son.
10/14/2020 c20 rnnssnc
ohhh i really like this story! it's relaxing to read and fun! thanks for writing this
10/14/2020 c18 MotekElm
10/13/2020 c14 MotekElm
pS they are supposed to be 11- 12 year old boys, but the toys they admire are for younger kids. just fyi.i still like your story. you asked for details comments in the A/N
10/13/2020 c14 MotekElm
these are the American names for the clothing, but they are in the UK. example: hoodie vs jumper. underwear vs pants.
I like Draco's POV, but it's repetitive having the other pOV first. I think you could have td this chapter just from Draco's POV and it would make sense.
10/13/2020 c12 MotekElm
well done
10/13/2020 c6 MotekElm
I really thought they would be sorted into Ravenclaw since both HarryHermione ar described as"nerds" in the story, or griffindor from a headmaster plot, so the sorting was a surprise. just fyi, I think "swot" is a more common uk term for nerds
10/13/2020 c5 MotekElm
very cutseyfluffy start. the supportive Dersleys are so OOC, but this is a what if. I love the evilish Dumbledore that's started to be seen.
10/13/2020 c20 Conri Kn1ght
You finished your book! Congrats! Thanks for sharing it with us, I had a wonderful time reading it. Good luck with your next one!
10/13/2020 c20 FFFudgeUp
Love your Harry. He is smart and friendly. Believable good!Dursleys make it possible. Thanks for sharing.
10/12/2020 c1 MotekElm
cute opening. I'm worried the teacher character will be a Mary Sue, but we will have to see.
10/12/2020 c20 LoriAnnRut
I enjoyed your story. Thanks for posting it.

Will you continue the story? Is a second year coming?
10/11/2020 c20 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
YAY! *\o/* LOVE this story! So glad to know that you're going to keep it going!

Waiting eagerly for the next installment, though I really hope you're going to continue to ignore the 'Stations of the Canon'!

See you soon!
Take care!
MelJ :D
10/11/2020 c19 Sextant
Betsy DeVos and Delores Umbridge. OMG I'm reading on my brand new tablet and drinking ice tea. I DO NOT want ice tea on my tablet! Snort snort! You made my day with that.
10/7/2020 c20 Kushka
Great story
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