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for It's Not Just A Stick: A Wand Crafter's Story

3/2 c14 Veronica McClure
Really funny scene of Draco seeing his Father playing with the army men!;D
3/2 c5 Veronica McClure
The kids never reminded of thermal underwear!?
3/2 c4 Veronica McClure
I always knew Hedwig was an owl to be reckoned with! It's a wonder she wasn't the one to fight Quirrelmort, or that she wasn't the bird to arrive in the Chamber.
1/9 c20 Larenars
Once again an excellent story. I really enjoyed it.
12/20/2021 c20 johlmann
An excellent story! Thank you for it! I’ll look to see if you’ve written a sequel….
12/18/2021 c10 johlmann
I appreciate the gentleness of this story (I have issues with depression, too, so I need stories like this one). Dumbles is always an issue, except in one fic I’ve read, but at least he’s not wicked (yet). I like the way muggle sciences are introduced, and that the other students and professors are interested and want to learn more. I like the Dursley’s support! Thank you for this story!
Hope your gout is better…
12/2/2021 c20 41Bloodmoon Goddess
Love this! I couldn't put this story down at all! How is the next arc coming along? I know Peter is still out there and voldy's soul bits are still around. Can't wait to read it!
11/28/2021 c20 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks
11/5/2021 c20 tomascatts
Good story, really hope you finish the series
10/30/2021 c2 2jadesabrexiv
I right now have a Kopis in my tempering oven and I’m looking at the Cocobolo scales prepped for it. I decided to reread this fic and low and behold: spit take launch because of a cameo.

Good show.
10/18/2021 c20 agentinfinity
Fantastic work and so much fun to read!
Keep up the wonders!
8/4/2021 c20 anf600
Loved your story. Great plot Glad Albus is out of Hogwarts. Is your next arc in a separate story? I also sympathize with your gout. I also have it. Hope you are on Allopurinol now.
7/27/2021 c20 1clover cat Klee
aawww, this was such a nice, hopeful ending I love the idea of Harry as a wand crafter, and I'm always glad about good Dursley family bettering Harry's life like that:)
7/21/2021 c20 S
That was a fun read. Thanks!
7/18/2021 c15 S
I like Hermione the prankster. It’s not very often that one sees a Hermione who’s interested in things other than books and studying. Meant to comment on it earlier, but the Weasley twins getting a taste of their own medicine was done very well. Neville’s confidence seems to have grown leaps and bounds. Wonder what his grandmother said about his wand when he went home for the break. Quite an unique thought there, the dining car.
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