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7/11 c7 jon12231223
Need more please
7/11 c8 jon12231223
Need more
7/3 c8 4Knottaclue
Great chapter and thank you very much for it, but this is "excruciating"! You've sucked me into your fanfic world and I'm definitely into it and eager to know where you're going with it, but I want more NOW if you know what I mean.:) The only thing I wonder about is if you're trying to do too much, like introducing more new characters and possible plot points which may deflect from the main story you're trying write. Anyway...will wait patiently for the next chapter and thanks again for sharing this.
6/14 c7 Knottaclue
Very nice! This chapter I especially like since the timeline was easy to follow. I was wondering how Lily could do so many things on a constant basis, but realized since she's the offspring of Wonder Woman that she has superior stamina along with everything else. Looking forward to seeing how you move all your plot points ahead. Thanks for a fun read!
6/3 c5 Knottaclue
All right! Terry's safe even though he doesn't know it for sure yet. Other than being too short this was a good chapter!
5/25 c4 Knottaclue
I like your writing. It moves things along quickly and is fun to read. But I always have to halt and restart the reading flow when you switch to different times in Lily's life. I'll probably get used to it after a few more chapters. As for using Diana's DNA...maybe an immortal's genetic material is not as easy to manipulate as a mortal's? Thanks for continuing this and I look forward to the next chapters!
5/10 c2 Knottaclue
I DID enjoy this! You have skillfully pulled me into Lily Wayne's world and I want to know MORE. :) I sure hope you continue. Thanks for sharing!

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