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for From Soldier to Savior

4/2 c3 Hers Jr
Nice! Not many folks know the names of the characters but it looks like you did your homework.
Kudos to you and to this fine story.
3/25 c7 LordTroy
Am I the only one that’s noticing that it says he has 500 gold in his shield?
3/21 c23 DasGut
The story is over-all good but...

Where's the Curse Series? Why didn't you give Leo the Wrath Shield? Him turning his wrath mode on and donning winged-hussar-like wrath armor would look him pretty badass tho.
3/17 c1 GgeorGge
Not my type of fiction but good work, keep at it
3/14 c10 Mudkip4
That’s so goddamned cute it’s not even funny 10/10
2/23 c1 jojo2k14boi
chapter 1 all ready making me cry from gratefulness
1/29 c6 1hellion117
Oh god I just pictured raphtalia holding the glock like a gangsta
1/4 c23 Ghost Man
Huzzah! Peace for now! Well played sir!
1/4 c24 Ghost Man
From Poland to the USA. Behold! Za Worudo!
12/30/2020 c18 Guest
One mistake noticed, in chapter 18... you have at one point Melty healing Idol with a spell, that should be Van Reichnott
12/29/2020 c9 Guest
I did not think you would stick with the white and blue colors for Filo, thought it would be the same camo as his and Raptalia's clothes...
12/28/2020 c1 13Trace Reading
If "Nie" means "No" in Polish why not just write "no" in English? You save a whole keystroke and you don't have to waste more of them telling us what is incredibly obvious due to context. :O
12/27/2020 c6 1kanukai
What is the point of the oc, if he does the same stuff as naofumi.
12/27/2020 c24 Guest
Well I don't really like rwby so I can't really like it like I want to but you know good luck with this story saga I just know is going to be great.
12/26/2020 c24 Caspian123
So, is it really over? Or you mean that this part of the story is over? Are you gonna make a second part? Are you gonna continue here?
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