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9/24/2022 c20 Guest
Loved it big dog
7/13/2022 c20 Guest
I hope this isn't the end to this story. Really enjoying the realistic take on the characters and their sturggles with their relationship
5/13/2022 c20 Guest
The transition from angst to fluff was done really well. Great work as always, love how you write these two!
5/13/2022 c20 Achillies453
Well that’s one way to end a sparring match ;)
5/13/2022 c20 monsterjamvadim

first kiss
4/28/2022 c19 monsterjamvadim
3/13/2022 c18 Spacyarrow
Is it too late for an injustice sequel?
3/7/2022 c18 monsterjamvadim

I really like it when Sabine stands up for Ezra
1/21/2022 c1 Jacob
Do you still write?
1/21/2022 c17 Jacob
Is it too late to ask for an injustice sequel?
11/8/2021 c9 sandstone-life
I do not comment since I have not published a while ago also I am a Spanish language I only see thanks to the XD translator but your story is the best star wars rebels that I have seen in both Spanish and English
9/4/2021 c17 spartanlastre
very good chapter, rather chapters, they are quite enjoyed
Seeing Sabine arguing with her about how to do things is the best for her not being sure of how to act since she is a Mandalorian and she is more interested in making her enemies explode than in relationships she shows like Ketsu brings out that which is enjoyed but that leaves me wondering how the story will continue
9/4/2021 c17 Guest
So happy to see an update again, keep up the great work. Looks like Ezra and Sabine have some UST building, lol. Wonder how long it'll last before it blows up in their faces. Hopefully, it's not long enough to allow Gavyn and Wini to get in-between them.
7/14/2021 c16 Rebels Fan
whe are you to be releasing chapter 17?
3/26/2021 c16 monsterjamvadim
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