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10/4/2015 c5 ferero-san
Good fic!
10/27/2012 c1 11123laura3215
Two years!? That's crazy too long for a reunion *grips keyboard in suspense*
2/12/2012 c5 1preettygabbysz
so um i like it so far. are you gonna continue it.
4/1/2006 c1 46Peachy-muffin
I love it!
1/17/2004 c5 theStray
I LUV this story! Please update more!
7/4/2003 c5 xMissInWonderland
Hey I wouldn't wait a second to climb up a mountain with Cloud. But I know what u mean bout delay in chappies, i do it all the time. But plz continue soon if you have time!
6/30/2003 c5 1isityouoramiyou
ty for the self review answer thinggy!

this is a brill chapter!

climbing? brill idea...that snake creaps me out come something like that does not eat the chocobo! oh well

right...back to the story...

i think this is brill and you must write more...
6/28/2003 c5 1Kurenai Tenka
Thanx all for reveiwing ^^

To Isityouoramiyou:

Thanx for the comments! I apreciate you pointing out those things to me:

1) Cait Sith was an error on my part, I am going to include him as I progress

2) Yuffie and Vincent- As this fic is based around Tifa and Cloud (mostly Tifa) it follows those two, when they go to Wutai or run into them, there will be more details on whats going on between them ^_^

3) Nanaki- I didn't really realise I was spacing him, I'll try to include him more in future! :)

4)By backstory do you mean what has happened between the end of FF7 and now? If so then those details will come to light as the story progreses.

Thanx again for reveiwing/reading and Sorry for writing a self-reveiw!
6/28/2003 c5 5El-Nadador
oh...Out Of Character! i see!

lol! whay couldn't thay just kill the snake thing? in MY game even bloody aeris could take him out in 1 swipe! lol...clouds a loony
6/27/2003 c5 8Kurai Yume
aww...that was a kawaii chap. They FINALLy kiss but its sad that he act as if nothing happen.:Well please write the next chap ASAP and inform me again when your done! !Thanks!:.^o^'
6/27/2003 c5 6XZanayu
Climb? Hoo,boy! What is Cloud thinking about? Awaiting the next chaper!
6/20/2003 c4 1isityouoramiyou
You have to wriet more and tell me about it...please...also what has happened to cait-sith...also between vincent and yuffie...please tell me when you can...also what has happened to nanaki? he seems a bit spaced out...dont worry if your characters seem just is the way people percieve each character...also you can create a backstory so people will understad where yoyu are comming from...sorry if this comment seems to show that i critizie to much but you can do the same on my story if you like!

tell me when you write more...and thanks for the inspiration for my story...
6/7/2003 c4 8Kurai Yume
that's kawaii! She hekka likes Cloud ((who cant?))Please tell me when you rite your next chap. I be waitting O.O'
6/6/2003 c4 3Shenny G. Potter
It was UPDATE!
6/4/2003 c4 hollowed-sky
good story...still...whats gonna happen then?

hehe very good still...if you need any help with info from the game then just ask...^^ please please please write is really good!

love ya
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