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for Cell Phones of Camelot

8/6/2022 c1 LancelotDuLac
Hiiiiii I just wanted to ask whether you are planning on updating? I love this and it would be great as multiple chapters. It's so hard to find a good one like this. I don't want to pressure you to update! Thank you so much, reading this was so fun!
10/29/2021 c1 18KillgarraghForever
Merlin, when did you have time to watch Monty Python?

This is great!
6/8/2020 c1 12catastrophiqu
And you must count to three no more no less
5/8/2020 c1 Ed
Hahahaha! I read this four times, yesterday. A really sweet, very artful exercise in timing, delivery & character depiction. Very, very amusing and smartly laid out from start to the perfect finish!
5/7/2020 c1 ninagayler
5/6/2020 c1 19The Magic Arts
Really loved that he changed the alert to a donkey! And love that you used names from the legend and Monty Python. Brilliant!
5/6/2020 c1 33Gingeraffealene
Thanks for the fun! That was great!

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