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7/3 c15 1Ryuujin96
Great work on this chapter and on the story as a whole. I like that Izuku can already control a respectable amount of the power of One for All, without breaking his bones. I also hope Pony can beat Shinsou, since it'd be disappointing to see her just lose in a humilating way, by Shinsou telling her to walk out of bounds, after brainwashed her again., especially after it took some effort to prevent her from withdrawing. And I hope the knowledge Pony gained from Izuku about Shinsou's quirk and now knowing how it works will allow Pony to beat him.

Another thing I liked is you extended the cheerleading scene over to Class 1B and was going to have them have a cheer battle against Class 1A. What I liked in particular is was when Izuku came to find them, he eventually contacted Vald sensei to make sure that cheerleading was apart of the program or not. Thus saved his female classmates from being embarrassed further by going out and being seen by a big audience in those outfits. It just felt like it was and Izuku thing to do.

I look forward to reading chapter 16
6/28 c15 Guest
I need more of this I honestly love this series, I ended up binging this at my units annual training in a few days. I am curious though if seems like some of the girls like kendo and sets setsuna are realizing their feelings, but what about the other girls like Camie?
6/30 c15 7Gaim no Kaze
Glad you finally updated this, it's certainly a fresh take on MHA, as Izuku is really getting the support he needs.
6/26 c15 djinn
great new chapter.
6/28 c15 1Uber Ghidorah
I know Midnight is into Andy/Toyman, but I hope to see more Izuku teasing in the future. I know it's Midnight, but she seemed slightly into him at the beginning.

So I was thinking about Kinoko's ability to make fictional mushrooms, and I had a couple of questions. First, could Kinoko create any Mario mushroom and copy it's effects? For example, the Bee Mushroom or the Rock Mushroom?
Second, can she create living Mushroom creatures, like Toads, Goombas and Shroobs from Super Mario, Myconids from various works like DnD, or even Pokemon like Foongus, Shiinotic or Breloom? Finally, if she were forced or wished to, could she use humans to create things like Clickers and the like from the Last of Us?
6/27 c15 18Dragon and Sword Master
Mei not making Izuku's gear is a small price to pay. Still though, this was quite a good chapter. Poor Pony...
6/27 c15 AnimeFan13579
You know you could actually make a bunch of silly short stories or Omakes with her. Basically do the Magical Mushroom Misadventures of Kinoko Komori. Can do them based on different fictional and non fictional mushrooms and various people eating them when she experiments with creating them. On the list of hilarious options what if Bakugo and Monoma ended up eating the mushroom of love from Ranma 1/2 at the same time. The fallout at the end once she manages to create the antidote mushroom would be amusing as well as all the incidents before the end.

Another one Midnight eating age shrooms and becoming a teenager again to the annoyance of the other teachers as her flirtatiousness gets dialed up due to big hormone change.

Also another one Nezu gets her to create size changing mushroom for an experiment. And then he goes crazy getting students and teachers to eat shrinking portions and treats them like lab mice making them go through mazes and solving puzzles.

Later when Eri shows up can have age mushrooms brought up and have some people turned into children to act as playmates with her.
6/27 c15 SonicMax
Yeah I get what you're saying but I still don't think he'd side with "villains" regardless. Also Mario has those giant shrooms and mini shrooms. Also what would a 1up shroom do?
6/27 c15 Bucio
Well, it was a convincing second event, with Izuku having an effective winning strategy, even with only two members on his team, and not including Mei, was it for doing something different?, or with the girls not needing the competition that she could it mean?

About the following, well, the rounds promise to be interesting, since all the matches are, except for Shinsou, Class A vs B, mmm, not likely, but it would be great to see Kinoko beat Shoto, even with Icebergs included, Pony having herrematch in Shinso, after some advice from her boyfriend, Tetsu vs. Kirishima would be no different, Momo vs. Setsuna, no idea what it would be like, since they both entered on recommendation, Reiko vs. Mina, could be an agility battle, given Minas mobility vs Reiko's floating out of the reach of her acid, Camie vs Tokoyami will be interesting to see Dark Shadow vs illusions.

From Izuku vs Iida, see more of the fruits of Izuku's training, but the one that would be the fuse to explode Izuku's anger, is Bakugo vs Itsuka, if the blond tries to take out his frustrations in that fight, for everything that happened since the truth was known, blaming the girls.

About what they are going to reveal later, is that Izuku is the successor of All Might? (which would put unnecessary pressure on him in all areas) or the ruse that Izuku is the son of All Might, hence he has a similar quirk; Also see that Midnight apparently likes the serious and authoritarian side of Andy, when he reprimands her for her suggestive phrases, in what is an event for all public.

Also to see that the cheerleading thing was kept, with the Class B girls, being tricked by Kaibara and Sen (who would be punished by Vlad, while Eraser does the same with Mineta and the second-rate Pikachu), which Izuku immediately confirms with Vlad, and being shocked, by how beautiful they all look, leaving them blushing, when he tells them it quickly before making the graceful escape.

Good luck and keep it up
6/26 c15 xros-xros
Good chapter, despite the numerous capitalisation, grammatical, and spelling mistakes (maybe get a beta reader) (and spell Iida's name correctly) (and who's Andy)

Anyway, the cheerleaders scene was cute, keep it up
6/26 c15 Rebellion Rose
Good chapter
6/26 c15 okare8
Can't wait for Izuku to Gojo Bakugo
6/26 c15 PasiveNox
great chapter very nice
6/26 c15 50acosta perez jose ramiro
As alway, pretty cool job, and nice use of Team Setsuna's quirks; it worked perfectly for deceit.

Keep the good writing.
6/26 c15 AstralNova01
OHHH THIS IS EXCITING! I can't wait to see what you do with these matches cause they are interesting! Even though I know it's not a mainline match, I hope you do Setsuna vs Momo justice as they are both highly skilled students and recommend.
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