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for Izuku The Jade Rabbit

8/27 c15 marquis.shax
ah man I was hoping to get to the fight between Bakuho and Izuku but you cut off at least one chapter but more likely 2 - 3 chapters short and haven't updated in two months :(
8/26 c5 marquis.shax
so you've decided to create a different traitor instead of that pansy Aoyama?
7/20 c9 Fier609
I think Kosei Tsuburaba is the trader
7/15 c15 ThunderClaw03
Great job keep it up. Damn that was amazing. I imagine that the next part the tournament will be extremely interesting. Update when you can
7/12 c15 wildarms13
loving this so far
7/9 c15 1TheGreatBubbaJ
The whole tournament in one go eh? Ambitious, looking forward to seeing it!
7/9 c14 TheGreatBubbaJ
That bit with the super mushroom was great, wonder what others she'll grow.
7/9 c13 TheGreatBubbaJ
Actual punishment for boomboi eh, I don't see him able to keep to those standards.
7/9 c15 1DarkLinkBlade
The story is pretty good so far. I love how you have Izuku in class 1-B. I have always felt like Vlad would be a better teacher for him then Aizawa would be. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to read the next chapter.
7/3 c15 2Ryuujin96
Great work on this chapter and on the story as a whole. I like that Izuku can already control a respectable amount of the power of One for All, without breaking his bones. I also hope Pony can beat Shinsou, since it'd be disappointing to see her just lose in a humilating way, by Shinsou telling her to walk out of bounds, after brainwashed her again., especially after it took some effort to prevent her from withdrawing. And I hope the knowledge Pony gained from Izuku about Shinsou's quirk and now knowing how it works will allow Pony to beat him.

Another thing I liked is you extended the cheerleading scene over to Class 1B and was going to have them have a cheer battle against Class 1A. What I liked in particular is was when Izuku came to find them, he eventually contacted Vald sensei to make sure that cheerleading was apart of the program or not. Thus saved his female classmates from being embarrassed further by going out and being seen by a big audience in those outfits. It just felt like it was and Izuku thing to do.

I look forward to reading chapter 16
6/28 c15 Guest
I need more of this I honestly love this series, I ended up binging this at my units annual training in a few days. I am curious though if seems like some of the girls like kendo and sets setsuna are realizing their feelings, but what about the other girls like Camie?
6/30 c15 8Gaim no Kaze
Glad you finally updated this, it's certainly a fresh take on MHA, as Izuku is really getting the support he needs.
6/26 c15 djinn
great new chapter.
6/28 c15 1Uber Ghidorah
I know Midnight is into Andy/Toyman, but I hope to see more Izuku teasing in the future. I know it's Midnight, but she seemed slightly into him at the beginning.

So I was thinking about Kinoko's ability to make fictional mushrooms, and I had a couple of questions. First, could Kinoko create any Mario mushroom and copy it's effects? For example, the Bee Mushroom or the Rock Mushroom?
Second, can she create living Mushroom creatures, like Toads, Goombas and Shroobs from Super Mario, Myconids from various works like DnD, or even Pokemon like Foongus, Shiinotic or Breloom? Finally, if she were forced or wished to, could she use humans to create things like Clickers and the like from the Last of Us?
6/27 c15 18Dragon and Sword Master
Mei not making Izuku's gear is a small price to pay. Still though, this was quite a good chapter. Poor Pony...
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