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12/27/2021 c12 Gurguit99
Great chap. Happy holiday and happy new year. Till next year.
12/27/2021 c12 ZeroExia
Heh momma bear mode: overdrive ex has been activated, recommended course of action RUN!
12/27/2021 c12 Darkknight333rd
Your welcome
12/25/2021 c11 5Multiverse walker
Dude, I love this fanfic. Its grammar leaves a lot to be desired and its pace is kinda weird but this is one of the best "Izuku is in 1-B" fanfics, which isn't much to say since there aren't many fanfics with that premise. You wrote the characters well, albeit with slight exceptions like how girls like Setsuna, Yanagi and Camie are instantly smitten with Izuku despite not knowing him like Kendo, Kinoko or Pony. But still their interactions are enjoyable if sometimes slightly forced.

Another thing I like are how Eraserhead and Vlad are portrayed. Eraser acts pretty much like his canon self in regards to Izuku and his place in hero course, evident by the fact that his only advices to Izuku at the time where "stop breaking your bones", which barely even helped Izuku, at most just minimizing his bone breaking to a finger. Yet all of it is just because of concern for Izuku since he doesn't want another hero course student to end up dead if he decided to be a hero, which is understandable. Vlad on the other hand does his best to help Izuku get the hang of his Quirk and help him catch up which is kinda something that canon Vlad would do if Izuku was in his class. He is not as strict as Aizawa and probably ahs a bit too much of a rivalry against him but he is still a good teacher and canonically better than Aizawa.

Concerning Full Cowl's lightning ability, I assume that One for All had a user with a lightning quirk in the past or Izuku just learned to use the stockpiled power in a different way. Hope to see the explanation for that.

Finally, the harem part: I'll be honest, I'm kinda on the fence, I would have preferred it if they confessed after or during Sports Festival but you do you. Hope you at least make it interesting.
12/25/2021 c11 SonicMax
Skip training. We know how it'll go.
12/6/2021 c4 fluffia.beard
good thing his quirk is just listed as telekinetic, and not specifically psychokinetic. It shouldn't be difficult to explain the lightning. I'm curious though, since he shows signs of both electrokinesis and psychokinesis, if Vlad will have him try any other forms. It might help Izuku unlock his other quirks, like float, or it might legitimately help him control other power types stockpiled. Heat perhaps, or maybe stamina itself. Perhaps different quirks that One For All has encountered, but only got a wisp of energy from them that's been multiplied over and over again. Theoretically, One For All could have any number of emitter quirks inside of it: even Snipe's quirk, or Nezu's quirk, or Eraserhead's quirk. There's a lot of possibility.
12/6/2021 c3 fluffia.beard
New headcanon: Dad-Vlad and pseudo-adopted Son-Shoto standing before a blackboard with pictures of All Might, Inko, and Izuku alongside newspaper articles with red strings going across the board.
12/4/2021 c1 fluffia.beard
"TIMES UP!'' yelled president mike.

Ah yes... the best orange hero himself: President Mike, the wall builder.
12/2/2021 c11 Biowind
I can’t wait to see how this story develops. You have done a wonderful job, and the building for characters and the whole world. I’m excited to see if we will go world wide later with all the hints you have made, as you have potential for so many crossovers, Naruto, Fate, Avengers, and such. Though please keep his harem to the minimum you have set, to much a good thing and stories can die, mostly due to having to many characters to follow, and connect.

Now as for Izuku’s quirks, in the dream did you hint that he did have a hidden quirk?

Also for the traitor, didn’t Letho mention a Little Pervert, so wouldn’t Izuku remember that at least? Though we can eliminate most male and female students at least.

I can’t wait to see some of the 1-A interact wirh 1-B more later down the line. As if Shoto does his thing, and Izuku does his thing, then that would start to build a bridge.

Any way, can’t wait for the next installment, see you then!
12/2/2021 c6 Biowind
Now, will the traitor be the only traitor or will Toru join them…ya still not seeing her as a true traitor like this one.
11/15/2021 c11 ZeroExia
Yes I love it, I don’t really find good class 1-b fanfics often. I think my search method is flawed
11/12/2021 c11 tyrekem576
Man I just found your story not to long ago and I'm loving it can't wait for the next update
11/6/2021 c1 4GalenTsukiKage
Iida's name is not Lida...
11/6/2021 c1 Jajur von Hohenzollern
definitly interested in seeing parents day and all the chaos that entails
11/6/2021 c1 grimtoon
I don't personally see this as out of character for Aizawa while I love the character he is a hypocrite and overall kind of a bad teacher seeing as he didn't really give any guidance to the students izuku being a prime example with the physical exam.
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