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9/22/2021 c10 TheGreenKraken
I really like the Fic!

Particularly your approach to the bullying situation. Honestly this is very wholesome and I am happy to see it. In addition to the therapy session this might be one of the best fics I've seen when it comes to mental health in traumatized MC's.

Looking forward to the continuation of this!
9/20/2021 c10 KemirSkjorl
Loved all of it.
9/20/2021 c10 Thanatosshallrise
Will you be doing two heroes and the other movies?
9/15/2021 c1 Tiny Tina's Bomb
If you really want to go insane you could do a crossover with Danny meeting Shego (Kim Possible), Ember McLain (Danny Phantom) and Jinx (Teen Titans). Three of the best villainesses from the Big Three (Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel. Why? What did you think I meant?) falling for the next Ghost King. Paradise.
9/17/2021 c10 9MosesArk Reborn2000
Whoever messed with Pony because of her ears deserved her brothers whooping their asses. No but seriously, I enjoyed this chapter and how the date went, we got to see more about them. I had no idea that Yanagi enjoyed babysitting but now that I have that image in my head, it totally fits.

The part that I had...mixed feelings about was Midoriya admitting that he had no issue with what happened to him at the USJ. I'm not saying it's bad, but more along the lines of how piss-poor his life was to get him to the point where any contact beside violence is considered good for him. He and Hound-dog will definitely have to work on that, as well as his self confidence and lacking self preservation instincts.

With the girls' plan to expose Bakugo. Its sweet that they are willing to do that for him, but I highly doubt Bakugo is dumb enough to be baited into admitting to half the shit he did to Midoriya. Best bet, at least to me, would be to track down Bakugo's old lackeys and convince them selling out Bakugo would help them in some way, maybe they avoid it coming out that they had a part in it. They were present when Bakugo told Midoriya to kill himself, so even if he denies it, I'm pretty sure that if Nezu or Aizawa were present, they'll pick on the lie(more so if Midoriya is present as he's a terrible liar, and somehow does worse under pressure) and can take over from there.
9/15/2021 c2 1dragonfighter11
A lot of little grammar issues flooding the fic. You need to capitalize All Might and One For All for instance. Also, when Vlad removes Bakugo's 'restaurants' it should be 'restraints' I believe. Nothing too major though, the story's still pretty good. Fics where Izu is in Class 1-B are rare tbh~
9/12/2021 c10 The God Fist
You raise some interesting points on how the power works. Unfortunately, as you said it's not stated exactly how the power works. I've had a lot of these kind of discussions before and a lot of it can be boiled down to two primary problems. (#1) Again a lot of how OFA works is pretty vague. And while I'm sure some of that is intentional, it feels like there are things that should and could have been explained better. (#2) Izuku's and Allmight's strength BOTH, seem VERY inconsistent. Even in a " weakened " state, Allmight still FEELS way more powerful than Deku. Allmight is strong enough to change the weather and create tornados, and while Deku's 100% is insanely impressive, he's never done anything on that level ( I'd like to point out that what you were saying about Izuku's punch against Nomu destroying lights and bending lamp posts WOULD be a good argument in favor of this. Except that all that, was stuff that the anime added in. In the manga all you see is Deku and the dust cloud obscuring Nomu, so personally I still don't think it was a 100% punch, but I digress ). Ultimately these two problems make it very difficult to determine how strong Izuku actually is compered to Allmight. But I'm rambling again, so I'll just finish it up with this. Yanagi is SUPER underrated waifu material, and I'm glad to see her getting some love. Keep up the good work.
9/11/2021 c10 Jovanny1323
I really like this story, great premise and an awesome execution so far. I hope to see them deal with bakugou soon, I agree that he didn't really ever seem to get any reprucussions in the manga which is... sad. Though I'm not sure If them speaking to all might first is the best choice first, maybe vlad king? Great chapter, can't wait for the new chapter!
9/8/2021 c10 Guest
I have several issues with this story. First: why do you not proof read your work? There are numerous easily fixed and hard to miss errors in this that shouldn’t make it to publication. Second: please try not to abuse the tropes. Writing harem stories already runs the risk of making your works as stereotypical as possible (not a good thing), but you have been seriously pushing the boundary. Third: why are you sticking with the cannon story? If Izuku was in class 1-B, why would it be his class attacked at the USJ? How would one student’s placement affect the villain’s plans? All Might teaches both classes, so you can’t use that excuse. This is honestly off putting. Lastly: don’t reply to reviewers in the author’s notes at the start of a chapter. If you can’t PM them, please post your responses at the end of the chapter. It allows uninterested readers (the majority) to skip them, and you might have answered their questions inside the chapter itself.
9/10/2021 c10 mckertis
Words: 74,043
About half of that number is stupid replies to stupid comments.
9/10/2021 c2 mckertis
WTF is "the cannon" ?
9/8/2021 c10 22The Dark Dragen
Really finding this story interesting, I can't wait to see where you go with this and so I hope that you can't update soon, as I love most of the changes that you made.
9/8/2021 c8 bigrig56
Was that fucking Slender Man?
9/8/2021 c2 The Dark Dragen
Might have missed it, but why are the dorms added so soon?
9/7/2021 c10 226663331114444
Are you keeping canon heights or is there a difference?
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