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for Izuku The Jade Rabbit

5/23/2021 c9 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Nice touch with Andy, can't say that was a cameo I was ever expecting.
5/23/2021 c9 GuyMcGuy
Can’t wait for the sports festival, it was cool seeing one for all’s effect on tomura, also tsuburaba looking sus, looking forward for the next chapter
5/23/2021 c9 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Great updating here. And nice job with Nezu's brother.

Keep the good writing.
5/23/2021 c9 29jetslinger333
Liking this as in the anime and Manga 1-B never did get more story and screen time.
5/23/2021 c9 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job thank you and I like how eraserhead got put in his place during the meeting and the reaction from Izuku at the end of the chapter.
5/23/2021 c9 Karlos1234ify
5/23/2021 c9 5Isumo 1489
Ok, THIS is a fic I can get behind! Love the premise, love the characterization of certain heroes, including Vlad-Sensei. Overall, Izuku's progress is excellent, and his feats line up with his circumstances well! Can't wait to see how he and the rest of 1-B grow as things progress. Hope things go well for you, looking forward to more!
5/23/2021 c1 InfiniteAJ
'Yet when Izuku uses Full Cowling he doesn't seem to get any boost to his durability.' - I'm sorry what? Did you not watch Izuku and Katsuki v.s. All Might? The kid's back should have snapped like a twig from the force All Might hit him with, and his body should simply be red paste with how hard he hit the bus right after. So...no. He most definitely gets a durability boost. Otherwise known as plot armour, I guess.
5/23/2021 c9 PasiveNox
great chapter
5/23/2021 c9 TeraelinII
hahahaha perfect chapter ending nice job
5/23/2021 c5 TeraelinII
hahahahahaha kenpachi tool and his lieutenant hahaha
5/23/2021 c5 TeraelinII
AYAME! fav girl from Naruto never gets enough love nice XD
5/23/2021 c9 MIKE202303
Nice work
5/23/2021 c1 iVas
Right off the changes you announced, I'm already so excited about this fic. Everything is so logical (honestly Izuku's teachers were horrible. They were basically figure it ouy yourself. Endeavour taught more than they did within an internship worth). Also, with how Mineta being punished and hated because of his sexual harrassment, I'm surprised how Bakugou was given a free pass for bullying. That crap causes lots of teenage suicide rate, and he is supposed to be a Hero which is scrutinized for their personality even more. Never understood why he was never punished or sent to therapy.
5/23/2021 c9 6Musical Dragon Rider
Yeah I'm in agreement with Recovery girl. All Might hasn't taught Izuku at all to control One For All, Vlad King helped more than he did and he doesn't know the truth about Izuku's quirk.

Also the Andy character? Is he like reference to TOY STORY Andy and his quirk is able to make inanimate objects like toys and statues come to life? Or am I wrong and just made that idea up cause it reminded of it TOY STORY?

Also poor Izuku, good luck with your girl/s trouble.
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