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for Izuku The Jade Rabbit

4/25 c16 Guest
love the story, hope bakugou faces some consequences for his fight and if not then soon, always hated his character
4/26 c16 NyaNyaKittyFace
I hope Izuku knocks out AT LEAST half of Bakugou’s teeth, and that ending scene is between Izuku and Pony was adorable.
4/26 c16 Kreceir
After reading the few moments, I hope that the rest of the 1B girls will be added to the harem, despite their lack of screentime, it looks like Ibara is already warming up to Izuku by almost calling him by his first name after getting saved from the zero pointer and then being seen in a cheerleaders outfit and being complimented by him.

Despite my bitching about the OC, which in hindsight I probably could have worded it better rather then being a asshole about it so I apologize for that, but I really do like this story.

I like the way you make Izuku actually use his intellect and him being able to analyze and be aware of things and make it the main part of how he sees fights and acts when it comes to high pressure situations, which some writers either tend to ignore or just forget about it.

Typo sometimes happens to the best of us, but this is a pretty funny typo of Todoroki shouting ''Surrender, you can't eat me'' instead of the word beat.
4/25 c9 Kreceir
I skipped everything involved with Andy, when I read this for Izuku and his harem and the trouble on how he will interact with the girls and not for some random OC that I really don't care about that also suddenly has a harem.

I like this story so far untill this part, but I still like it enough that I want to continue reading this, so I really hope that he won't show up to often or at all since most stories that introduces OC's shove them into scenes for no reason.
4/23 c16 djinn
great new chapter.
4/25 c16 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Might be a decent idea to have a little chapter recap at the start of each chapter.
4/25 c16 cowchoas
nice story cant wait for more,
4/24 c16 keyblade master cole
Cant wait for bakugo, shoto and hitoshi get there ass beat.
4/24 c16 1deathdog08
so I'll have to wait to see how this plans out
4/24 c15 jimmy.oz
Great story so far keep up the good work.
4/24 c14 jimmy.oz
Damn looks like the sports festival isn't going to be done by chapter 16. knew is should have waited for more chapters.
4/24 c1 fuunu
Good start. One minor gripe.
You said ofa didn't give any increased durability.

However in several instances in both Manga and anime Izuku takes hits that would kill and maim a normal person or at least break bones and he was fine
4/24 c16 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
4/24 c9 jimmy.oz
I want to be in the danger that Andy is in lol. funny how Izuku fainted at the end lol. keep up the good work
4/24 c6 jimmy.oz
Wonder if the villains will be dumb enough to mention a traitor lol.
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