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for Izuku The Jade Rabbit

6/17 c1 5Scotus
This has a lot of potential and I look forward to seeing what you've done with it so far, and what you will in the future.

The only criticism I have is your lack of capitalizing names, specifically hero names with multiple words, but that seems to have gotten better over the chapter. It would be such things as All Might, Vlad King, and Gang Orca, both words in the names need to start with capital letters. My only other note isn't even criticism for you, but other reviewers. While in canon its implied that Aizawa dosent know that Midoriya is a late bloomer, this is fan fiction, where the point is to change things, so for those of you who have or will criticize that scene, please reconsider.
6/8 c14 Makimass
Felt bad for Mei there..
6/8 c6 Vonta01
Bro so far every chapter is a 10/10
6/4 c2 2A Stifled User
Capitalization and Name emphasis are very sloppy in this story.

Please take the time to fix it.

Luch Rush.

Hound Dog.

Eraser Head.

Recovery Girl.

All Might.

Those are all two word names and should be written like this.

But you also struggle with last names not being Capitalized and with adding "the" before a hero name, which you shouldn't do since they are their names and not titles.
5/30 c14 Guest
I'm really liking this so far, good work
5/24 c14 12Gold Testament
Took a while to reread the whole thing. Looking forward to next chapter.
5/24 c14 oscarojeda62
cuando vas a sacar otro cap?
5/18 c14 Addicted to Reading018
thx fod the chapter keep it up
5/14 c14 yuhoelmer
Que gran historia y lo bueno es que a pesar de ser harem no es pesado ni se siente forzado espero lo puedas seguir pronto suerte
5/10 c2 Guest
Cum on
5/12 c14 AnimeFan13579
Kinoko making fictional mushrooms uh oh let's start with recent stuff. Rust Eater Bisco basically brought ridiculous mushroom shenanigans with giant sized versions of what would be normal mushrooms. Alice in wonderland had a mushroom that could make you shrink or grow depending on what side you are. And for a third one Ranma 1/2 had aging mushrooms that made you older or younger depending on how tall the mushroom you are was.

Between those 3 kinoko basically becomes the most versatile member of the class. Especially since she can spread the spores and choose when to have them grow. One Piece Django gained hypnosis powers from eating a mushroom. On a more scary note The Last of Us was basically all about a fungus that caused people to become zombies and mutate with age. (This was partially based on a REAL mushroom that infects and zombifies ants)

That 3rd option basically makes it so she has access to a fountain of youth effect. I would definitely consider her to be the most dangerous of all the class now with that flood gate opened.
5/12 c5 Shin597
Could you add Yui Kodai in the harem please
5/11 c14 2AutieFan123
I wonder what might happen if the League ever did find out what Bakugo did to Izuku in the past. I bet they would get VERY angry to the point of wanting to kill him. Especially since a good majority of the major members have had to deal with people that are just as abusive as him.
5/11 c14 Akolita30095
Thank you for your work
5/11 c14 healeroffates
Keep up the good work!
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