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for Izuku The Jade Rabbit

5/11 c14 1Firefox122
Glad you're back and updating the fic. can't wait to see how you do the cavalry battle.
5/7 c14 Djinn
Great new chapter, look forward to seeing what you have planned for the next chapter.
5/9 c14 reapercrone
Really good, pretty fucking awesome the story and changes made compared to the original
Now personally what I'm wondering, what will happen If izuku meets mirko, possibly she might send a request for him after the event
5/9 c14 41Crow's Apprentice
I gotta say: Better story than the original. izuku really getting the hang of his work and having people to help him out. Although, Kinoko and Camie trying a Mario mushroom is hilarious! Can't wait to read more!
5/8 c14 supriya700000
poor mei
you know you completely eliminated the part of support gear. And i don't think mei has an overall bad character just a bit much motivation toward her inventions and in anime mei is a character that a support gear specialist to izuku like allmight-david shield
5/8 c14 BoredAsUsual34
damn this is some good stuff great story can't wait to see what else ya mind is cooking up
5/8 c14 Rebellion Rose
Good chapter
5/8 c14 gabedane
Bakugo strikes me as a MLA kind of guy considering how he values his own quirk. Will 1-up mushrooms and mega mushrooms work? Does that world have all of the games, for things like the super mario galaxy mushrooms? You just made this already strong character skyrocket up to OP levels of versatility.
5/8 c14 Qhaq
Great chapter, keep up the awesome work
5/8 c14 SonicMax
Bakugo doesn't seem like he would be a villain just cause his whole thing is "heros win villains lose" so i doubt he ever would.
5/8 c14 Nathair1
pretty great chapter

is it wrong that I think Izuku's turning out like nezu?

can't wait to see more
5/8 c14 AstralNova01
Seeing how some students aren't holding back and improving due to izukus quirk research on them is exciting to read about. I'm looking forward to see how everyone differs here. Though the one I'm honestly the most excited to see is Momo Even though this is a 1B centric fic. I hope Kendo can make it to the finals here cause it'd be cool if her and Momo battles against each other and ends up forming a friendly rivalry here early in the story. It could be a nice subplot for Kendo to have someone to help push herself plus it could help this Momo out a bit more. and the idea seems interesting but it wasn't done well in canon, seemed a bit forced but still it was a nice idea.
5/8 c14 Kai Dragoon
I feel like Kinoko's potential just shot way up with that change lol.
5/8 c14 46UnTalentedArtist9
So Kinoko is now effectively immortal? Spawning extra life shrooms by the truck load! Or insta killing dudes with -1 life shrooms, that they inhale the spores off?! DUDE! Might steal the idea for a OP self insert Kinoko fic…
5/8 c14 PasiveNox
nice chapter great
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