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for Izuku The Jade Rabbit

1/27 c13 RandomReader867
thanks for the chapter
1/20 c4 Rios
All might mentioned this in an episode about people re-submiting quirk evaluation after more Time with them, using a water manipulated as an example
Will izuku Chang his name from tactile telekinesis to a different name?
1/22 c13 EndlessChains
A well done chapter. Nicely done with the consequences that Katsuki faces when it comes to his long time bullying of Izuku. It was interesting to read how Inko reacted as well as how she was like personality wise when it comes to protecting her son as well as facing adversity. The punishment done to Katsuki doesn't seem to deter his behavior as it would seem he is still bent on hurting Izuku and now those that are close to him. Can't wait to see how Izuku will handle him in the upcoming Sports Festival. The training session for Izuku seems to be going well as he learns about the quirks that he possesses as well as All Might learning what Izuku had to go through. A wonderful speech that was done and now let the Sports Festival begin. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
1/20 c1 9MosesArk Reborn2000
Nice chapter, but I think all of us are aware that Bakugo's gonna mess up and end up out of the hero course and if Nezu sees no other option, a juvenal detention facility as they don't need or want a villain like him on the streets.

More so as he's both short tempered and crazy enough to somehow spin the situation into one where he's still in the right and a hero better then All Might. Delusional villains are some of the worst ones out there as reason and logic mean little to them if they don't fit into their worldview.
1/20 c12 EndlessChains
A well done chapter. Nicely done with going back to the USJ as Class 1-B demonstrate what it is they can do when it comes to rescue training. It was interesting to read what it was that they all did while doing the training as they rescue other students who played the victims and coming up with various ideas to use their quirks to save others. Setsuna and Kendo's plan to get a confession out of Katsuki was well done as they followed him and his group of friends. Now the truth is revealed and recorded on what Katsuki did to Izuku in middle school. Nicely done with how Inko was told about the events of middle school and soon enough she will get to the bottom of this. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
1/20 c1 44StallionWolf
Eraserhead in cannon is a lazy, hypocritical asshole
1/20 c13 RedDemonEye
OK firstly Holy shit mama bear inko is a badass hell yeah secondly its so rare that bakugo actually gets punishment properly in fanfictions for whst he did and the way you did it was sooooo gooooood and lastly the midoriya family is now closer then ever all might flustered was adorable and the speech was very well done. Now I can't wait to see what happens next so keep up the good work and like always have a nice day.
1/17 c13 djinn
great new chapter.
1/17 c13 Reviewmonkey4u
Aww the midoris gave UA a free pool. So far your doing pretty good can't wait for the battles.
1/19 c13 Reiol
A good read so far. I am interested to see what changes you make to the festival/matches.
1/18 c13 1Adro-Sama
Now I'm hype
1/18 c13 Blaze1992
Nice to see BB getting some karma.
1/18 c13 NyaNyaKittyFace
I’d love to see Hisashi’s reaction to Izuku having a quirk and Dad-Might’s plan. To know that once he was out of the picture, she traded up BIG TIME. How would he react, upon seeing the family he abandoned become even greater without him?

Also, does Bakugo know what Izuku’s dad looks like? I doubt it, but still.

See this is something I LOVE. Nezu is an ANIMAL. Not only that, but he’s a Pro-Hero. His instincts are FAR superior than a humans and I always appreciate it when people remember that.

I’m a little disappointed that Mitsuki didn’t backhand Bakugou out of his seat. Yes I fully believe Inko deserved to slap him, but I feel like if done right, Mitsuki slapping him could have been a good scene as well.

Ok I can fully understand Inko’s fury, not anger, FURY. However, I do not believe that it should be aimed at Mitsuki. It’s clear that she cares for Izuku. That she fully supports him. She even stated that she trusted Bakugou to protect him. Just as you can’t blame the sins of the father on the son, you can’t blame the sins of the child on the parent. I DO however, fully support her decision to have Bakugou expelled from UA. Though I doubt he will be and if that does happen I feel like I won’t get to see Izuku give him the BEATING he so rightfully deserve. Having him removed from the Hero Course is possible though.

And that’s what truly disgusts me. He truly doesn’t regret what he did. Also, he’s clearly going to try and pull shit during the festival. Whether or not he succeeds will be seen.

Called it.

Ooh, we know who’s taking Bakugou’s place then. MY BOY SHINSO!

A LOT of people say that Bakugou would never “become” a villain, but I honestly think he easily would and is. That he’d go around as a villain THINKING he was being a “hero”. Now the reason I don’t say he’d be a vigilante is because he’d QUICKLY go too far in his methods and cross the line into villainous actions.

INKO I LOVE YOU! Izuku NEEDS to see Hound Dog. He’s started to make progress, but I still think he should attend some sessions.

ARE WE NOT GONNA GET TO SEE HER MEET AIZAWA?! I was seriously looking forward to that.

That’s is a GENIUS way of training I have never seen anyone else use. It forces him to not only regulate his strength, but to change the output at random. While simultaneously training him in to fight multiple enemies at one, it increases his situational awareness, his on the fly thinking, his reflexes, and SO MUCH MORE!

I fully believe that’s a secondary quirk! No way a normal human body can create and expel that much water without turning into a husk!

Oh my gosh! OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Inko playing the part of the civilian. Izuku fighting to protect her! It perfectly symbolizes the reconciliation and strengthens of their bond! I’m tearing up! This is so much better than her making his hero outfit cause instead of materialistic support, she’s RIGHT THERE WITH HIM! Helping him train. Pushing him further! THIS is the type of support he needs!

Me and Ibara on the same page! He DEFINITELY gonna fuck up during the festival.

YO! Vlad King gets a spot in the booth!

Now that was a speech! Missed the part where you say, “Go beyond”, but you definitely went Plus Ultra Izuku!
1/18 c13 PasiveNox
great chapter
1/18 c3 SaleriedImp624
Just started reading and it has been great so far

PS: I love the critical role reference on chapter 3
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