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1/17 c13 qazse
Aaah. Sweet satisfying karma. I bet Bakugo’s anger, as always, gets the better of him and he ends up getting disqualified.

I’d also love to see the staff at Izuku’s old school also face some well deserved justice, with them being fired, arrested, and just to add salt into the wound, Nezu tears down their school right in front of them with a wrecking ball.
1/17 c13 CoCoDu11
I really hope Bakugo gets fired and doesn't become a hero... I can't wait to see the sequel and I hope Izuku wins the tournament
1/17 c13 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job with the parent meet and the situation that bakugo us in. Also onto the sports festival
1/17 c13 3Qwho
the fucking thing that I probably would know that mitsuki probably doesn't know what Bakugo has done like aldera would kept it a secret from Inko they would also kept it a secret from Mitsuki
1/11 c12 Bucio
It was a good chapter, where we see, after the talk with All Might, now yes, the rescue training of Class B, where in addition to seeing Izuku have mini moments with his girls classmates, and more of his relationship with his girlfriends, Reiko and Pony (for now), at the end, when it is Class B who was going to be bullied by their rivals, Izuku for the first time puts a stop to Bakugo, which the girls appreciate, especially since it comes from Izuku, while that now it is Bakugo who is going to deal with Shinsou.

With Setsuna and Itsuka taking advantage of the situation, carrying out their plan to try to get Bakugo to confess, and while their first attempt fails, they coincidentally follow him to where Izuku and Pony are on their first date, with Setsuna tricking one of Bakugo's minions, making him confess everything, much to the annoyance of the blond, who notices.

The meeting with the parents was great, as we see Inko unknowingly meeting many of her future in-laws (noting that Reiko has as parents a version of Strange and his girlfriend, while Jurota has Beast of the X-Men as guardian. ; and I have my doubts about Kinoko and Ibara's parents), unknowingly watching a bit of the cold war between mothers, seeing Itsuka and Setsuna's mothers having a "friendly" conversation, with Hilda Itsuka's mother arriving with Inko first and managing to invite them (Ios Midoriya) for dinner.

That and seeing that the first time I read this chapter, in the scene of Inko talking to Hilda, it was similar to the chapter where she appears for the first time, and now, when re-reading it again, I see that you already corrected that, even giving it a name to Itsuka's mother (whom I imagine her, her appearance, the same as the manager of the Pokemon Bank).

That and also laugh when they see Inko and a large part of the parents of Class B, show the kid photos and videos of their children's, that of Setsuna disguised as Godzillo and Kinoko wanting to find her Mario (although she is going to have a Luigi , Hahaha).

We also see Izuku fulfill the task that Nezu imposed on him, to do and deliver analyzes of the quirks of the students of both heroic classes, and although there were people who did not take them, a large part of the students accepted, which made him happy. , and even seeing Bakugo destroy his analysis to taunt Izuku, it didn't bother him so much, much to the anger of the blond, at being ignored.

And the meeting of Inko and Izuku with Nezu and the others, it was as I thought, Andy, Sorahiko and Nezu, enjoying seeing Inko unload her frustration on Yagi, because of the dangerous situation with AfO, Yagi having a suggestion, that not to It is shown in this chapter, and with which Inko does not agree very much, but accepts only for her son.

And with All Might himself revealing Izuku's courtship with the girls, by suggesting caution due to the dangerous situation with AfO, and just when Andy found the situation funny (Izuku with several girlfriends sharing him), he also ends up roasted, courtesy of Nezu , where no one escapes his humor, not even his brother.

With the last of the chapter, being with the girls showing Inko the evidence of the bullying that Izuku suffered for years courtesy of the blonde, who is her godson of Inko, who, furious, talks to Mitsuki (extra points if Mitsuki and her husband are Izuku's godparents too), while thanking the girls, especially Pony and Reiko, for caring and loving Izuku.

I hope that also forces Izuki to accept, both for himself, as well as for his mother and his friends (and girlfriends), the truth of everything that happened because of Bakugo, and with Hound Dog being also present.

Good luck and keep it up
1/6 c9 12Gold Testament
Okay yeah if All For One gets more info on Izuku, and puts the pieces together. I'm 100% sure he will want Izuku brought to him ALIVE despite Tenko's wishes. After all the new bearer of One For All being able to use the past quirks of former holders as well. To him it would basically mean that all of his old sparring partners fighting and helping from beyond the grave. Including his little brother.
1/5 c2 Gold Testament
Poor Pony. Kind of want to see some of 1-A's thoughts about Bakugo's attack.
1/4 c11 1Adro-Sama
I like the Idea of the lighting being a quirk, but you probably make it the second wilder of OFA taking in fact that we don't know what is his quirk.
Also I know that Bakugo is a asshole all the way, but can you make a valid point for Izuku to defend him so much, like something in their past or I don't know, just doesn't seem right to someone to defend something without a reason
1/3 c12 deoxeyses
12/29/2021 c12 Shin
Little bit of a hiccup when meeting the parents, I noticed the names for Itsuka's mother and father didn't make it into the fic, it just cuts off so we don't know their names when Inko is talking to them. Minor little hiccup, I've seen it happen in other fics before. If you find the time you might want to go and fix that up a bit.
12/31/2021 c12 9MosesArk Reborn2000
I'll get out my grievance first before anything else, and that is the Bakugo bashing. He's an asshole, a pretty terrible person, that is a fact but he's also not a idiot. We know that he got punished after his stunt in the cafeteria, so he should know UA won't tolerate his anger management/violent tendencies/inferiority complex. So why still seek out 1-B, the class with people he hates just to deliver a message?

Hell, why is he still hanging out with his middle school lackeys? They weren't his friends as I doubt he ever bothered to remember their names. We know that in the manga, he's told them not to smoke when he's around as it would make him look back so the long fingered guy having cigarettes...despite that feels off, almost as much as the fact he so stupid, he's perfectly willing to incriminate himself and his two 'friends' in something so heinous, it could ruin their lives.

Onto what I liked, which was everything else. I liked how you made sure it's mentioned that 1-B would have feelings about the USJ as the first time they went...it didn't end well. Still, they were able to power through to attend so that they could actually do some rescue centric training as now that I think about it, 1-A never actually got to do that, seeing how season 2 and half of season 3 was more combat focused, so having only Bakugo and Todoroki fail the provisional license exam is actually pretty amazing.

How the exercises were conducted were pretty fun yo read on their own as well as the students clearly paid attention to the teachers in what to do and how to do it, and again, being able to practice in a low stakes situation where the worst that can happen is a low grade is a pretty nice departure from the action packed, life-or death stuff we're used to.

The parents were equally as fun as my only complaint is that not all of them were present as those present collectively decided to embarrass their kids by showing off baby pictures to one another, but it can also be read as parents just showing off how great their kids are as Midoriya was and is a All Might stan, Tokage is Godzillo(thank goodness this is an anime as if this was made in the US, it would be a lawsuit waiting to happen) while Komori seemed to want to defeat Mario, but with her quirk, of course she would side with the countless mobs that Italian plumber has stomped on over the years.

I also wish I could have seen how Inko reacted to being in All Might's arms after passing out, most likely she passed out again and they handed her over to one of the other moms to be on the safe side. Speaking of Inko, her fury at discovering the truth on Bakugo's treatment of her son, and to an extent, how their former teachers allowed it to happen is going to make waves as while both she and her son were sweet, cuddly non confrontational people, they can and will turn into near monsters if you cross a line.

Izuku may be able to go from a care bear to a grizzly bear, but there is a reason why it's considerable much more dangerous to approach a and god forbid, threaten a bear cub somewhere it's mother can see you.

Most likely, Bakugo is gonna find himself still attending UA, but kicked out of the hero course as while his parents can argue that he hasn't done anything too bad since getting in, Nezu can and will likely push back stating that he should have never been allowed in regardless, and since getting into UA, his disposition has not improved and becuase of this, he can't allow him to remain in the hero course till he's paid for his mistakes, and has gone through some concessling to help him deal with his many...many issues.

Worst part for Bakugo would be at this point in the story, not even Kirishima is his friend yet so any one of his classmates would tell the teachers that he's some combination of: loud, brash, short tempered, violent and close to the furthest thing from a team player. Sidenote: it gives Shinso a chance to enter the hero course as they'll have a vacancy to fill.

Also, I'm making my bet now which is that Nezu's plan for covering up All Might's closeness to Izuku and Inko will be pretending to be his father and they can just say that he largely takes after her, hence the lack of a resemblance(unless Izuku does that thing when he makes his face look like All Might's). It will make Todoroki's observation about him being some secret child all the more entertaining as Izuku won't be able to refute it for a while.
12/30/2021 c12 NyaNyaKittyFace
LMFAO! YOU USED IT! THANK YOU! It’s even better that it was Setsuna’s MOTHER!

And so it has begun. The dreaded moment of all children and the secret joy of all parents. Childhood picture moments!

Please let the plan be Dad-Might. PLEASE LET THE PLAN BE DAD-MIGHT!

Hell hath no Fury like a woman scorned, yet Haven hath no Wrath like a mother’s Love.
12/28/2021 c12 djinn
great new chapter.
12/30/2021 c12 PasiveNox
nice chapter
12/29/2021 c12 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Seems there is still the issue of names being lost, 'Inko' was missing in a couple places in the kitchen scene, and we never get to see the name of Kendo's parents. In fact, for nearly the entire series of single line back-and-forths after mama Kendo meets Inko there are no names. It'll be interesting to see the results of this meeting.
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