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for Nobody be stealing my sissy

9/2/2020 c1 CheesePole43
Love it, I like how you made up the ‘talking to animals’ superpower. And I love Jack Jack’s reaction to Kace. Oh and can you make up another superpower for Jack Jack?
5/6/2020 c1 11Rajin Kaijun
Okay...I have a few things to say or ask.

How old is Jack-Jack in this story?

Why is Alex from Walking With Dinosaurs here? If he's in here, it should be a crossover.

Now onto the things I have to say. You're still breaking guidelines, you're not allowed to write in script form. It's not like it's gonna turned into a cartoon or something. The idea itself isn't bad, but make sure it doesn't turn into those trashy romance fics on this site, have some twists. But don't go too crazy on twists.

Overall, it's not completely bad, but it needs serious improvement.

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