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9/12 c7 Marissa Davis
I love this version of RM, so open and honest. We needed this so badly in season 3. I love the way you write them, keep it up!
9/9 c7 13betweentheraindrops
Ugh, my god, babies. I love them so much to this day and it's probably because I just know they could've been written like this. Actually talking, actually working through their stuff, choosing to move forward together. I particularly loved how you wrote Ryan in this, that's the Ryan I know Marissa fell for. And you contextualized everything between them so well too, in ways that we know they would speak and ways that the audience would be able to tell is authentically them. Loved this so, so much.
9/5 c7 Oclover11
This is perfect! I always felt like they should have shown more that both of them were struggling with the aftermath of Trey. And this is super common with rape victims
9/2 c7 Riss
THIS. Seriously I'm living through season 3 via these fics. Season 3 was so bad. I hated that one scene when Marissa called Ryan after having nightmares and he told her pretty much to go back to sleep. I wish we could see that he was having trouble with this as much as she did and they would actually TALK about their problems to each other.
9/1 c7 Jen
YES! I love this. This convo NEEDED to happen. I hated how they never really talked about it and it wa glossed to the point they broke up.

“ she suspects the pair haven't been as innocent as Marissa's been painting them” ;)
8/23 c6 betweentheraindrops
Ughhhh they needed this conversation SO BADLY. Like, even just a hint from Ryan that Marissa wasn't solely to blame for the disintegration of their relationship. And of course the narrative basically backed that up. Grr, always always angry. Anyway, I love the simplicity of this. Of their growth. Of the fact that RYAN brought it up is so, so huge. I loved this. Keep going please!
8/16 c6 Jen
Aw yeah I wish in the show, R/M actually had these conversations because I did feel like they matured compared to season 1 - the writers did them wrong.
Keep the stories coming! You’re the only one who writes R/M and it gives me so much happiness :)
8/11 c5 jen
aw I love this, cute moment
8/10 c4 betweentheraindrops
Ugh, what we DESERVED. I also hate this episode lmao. Like, why make a Chrismukkah episode, usually a standout episode during any season, about dumb Johnny. Ridiculous. This is very sweet and I can see it happening. That last line hit me hard. Ryan needed to hear that, as did the audience.
8/6 c4 Jenny
Aw I love these, short and sweet! Looking forward to the next one :)
7/26 c3 12Marissa Davis
I loved all three of these! I hope you continue this, your writing is so fantastic and you made RM actually talk to each other, which the show so desperately needed to do. Keep it up!
7/24 c3 micolodian77
Love the chapter.
7/21 c3 13betweentheraindrops
They REALLY needed to talk about Sadie, oh my goodness. Love that they were able to do it here. I wonder how they'd be able to handle the aftermath of a one night stand in truth. Would they be awkward and pretend it never happened? Probably.
7/21 c2 betweentheraindrops
LOVE that last bit with Seth, the number one shipper. This was very sweet, and the sharing the bed trope is as timeless as it is iconic. I've never really thought about sharing the tent being akin to sharing the bed but damn.
7/21 c1 betweentheraindrops
Ugh, love this. I love the way 3x09 ends but this extends it in a really organic way. There's always been a way to Ryan and Marissa that didn't need words and they relied way too heavily on that connection sometimes, so it's always to read natural dialogue addressing these important issues between them. Ryan opening up about his abuse makes sense when I think about his story about Trey at the end of 3x01. Very nicely done.
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