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for Eldia for All Eternity

3/17 c2 Petrus streamrock
Dude continue this, please.
1/13 c2 Isaasol2
Huh, a bit disappointing that you stopped here, I was looking forward to how from this point onward would differ from canon.
6/7/2022 c2 Guest
korrd: Historia could not awaken the power of the Founding Titan. You have to have royal blood plus be a titan yourself, either a shifter like Zeke or a Pure Titan like Dina. Historia's royal blood did seem to do some things with memories (she remembers Frieda when she touches Eren, then later Eren gets his own future memories), but it couldn't fully awaken the Founding Titan in Eren.
5/24/2022 c2 Taylorwill
why is it that the good and interesting stories are always the ones that aren't finished
4/10/2022 c1 Guest
Update please .
4/10/2022 c2 Guest
Needs update.
4/10/2022 c2 Guest
3/8/2022 c2 4korrd
I really like this. If there's one thing about the manga I never understood, its why didn't Eren go to Historia in order to use the Fouding Titan. Its like despite being queen, despite rejecting her father's will, she lost all agency after being crowned.

While I don't think she'd be willing to go through with full Rumbling, I do think she'd be more amenable to Eren's position and thus in a better position to act as the Royal Blood conduit than Zeke.

Heck, Eren could have skipped a lot of trouble if he'd just gone to her. And I'm willing to bet the Scouts would have been a lot more conflicted about going against Eren had Historia been beside him.
10/8/2021 c2 Diabolos Aides
Please update this seems like such an interesting story
9/8/2021 c2 LoganLiet
yessss plz give us more of it good sir. she is the daenerys of eldian here goddamn i love it.
8/3/2021 c2 2EJHowell
6/24/2021 c2 12Sultan Asil Arslan-Hiatus
I love this and really hope you return to it!
5/8/2021 c2 5Nerf585
I want to see more of this.
5/7/2021 c2 1thomquiri
I love this story, sad it's so short tho
3/20/2021 c2 fdsslkg
Absolutely loving your story, common enemies of humanity!

Also, they are already a couple?
I will be waiting for the next chapter :)
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