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9/9/2020 c18 Luna
I discovered the Castlevania anime on Netflix and I thought about your fanfiction ! XD Ai'motivations, his generals and his army remind me those of Dracula. And love it ~
8/16/2020 c18 Luna
Ryoken is alive and Yusaku saved him indirectly... yes ! XD

I'm asking me what is this Daisol Project ? It seems like important for Ai and an abomination for humans.
8/10/2020 c16 Luna
Ryoken is really dead... :'( oh my god.

Yusaku will never forgive Ai or Roboppy for what they done. I don't know what Yusaku could do next but I hope he has a plan to resist Ai in returning to the tower.

Otherwise, his sanity and the Humanity are lost forever.
8/9/2020 c15 Luna
Oh my god ?! O_O Ryoken is... no. Oh my god...

What's happened to Ryoken ? It was a Yusaku's dream or... I'm lost ! XD I'm scared about chapter 16, I'll cry if Ryoken is dead T_T. Yusaku will become crazy ! IAs are so crual. It's looks like Ai transmitted his hatred to them.
7/9/2020 c14 Luna
Roboppi is here. But Ai reprogramed him for sure T_T.

Now I'm curious to see what Yusaku will do next. Where will he be able to go ? This Daisol Project scare me too.

Be strong Yusaku !
6/18/2020 c12 Guest
this suspense ... thank you for this story!
6/5/2020 c12 Luna
So, I'm not completely wrong about the others Ignis ?

Now, I look forward to know the truth about the Generals ! XD But while reading, I found Kraidt has a player side just like Ai - and at the same time, his description looked like a Flame Soltis. I don't know how to explain that exactly, but I really think they have a connection...

I'm scared about the new android that Ai send to Yusaku. A part of myself tell me it's a new dangerous android and the other, that could be a manipulate Roboppi too...

To conclude, I was glad to see Emma in this chapter ! :)
5/31/2020 c10 Luna
NOOOOOO ! Revolver-sama will die ToT !

The Aidroid are too dangerous. Mostly this Kraidt, I can't believe he killed these poor Miyu and Shepherd so easily.

Thanks for this story ! :)
5/26/2020 c9 Luna
These new chapters were amazing ! XD

Ai is so crual with Yusaku. He want to obligate him to decide by himself to return in castle. I think he's jealous of Ryoken too, but knows that he's precious for Yusaku.

I'm scared for Kusanagi, Aoi, Takeru and Spectre. I pray for Revolver help them before it's to late...

This AI, Kraidt, he's very sadistic, cold and imposant. The others Generals seems a little more kind. Can I ask you if they are inspired by Lightning, Flame, Aqua, Windy and Earth ? I think that could explain some things...
5/25/2020 c4 Rose
My dear Rovoppy is finally here and he's helping out Yusaku!
5/23/2020 c1 Rose
Just found this gem-of-a-fanfic and LOVED IT!
Was a bit sad to learn that Ai's simulation turned true and it's a chaotic world now...Yusaku coming from a parallel dimension with some mysterious superpowers is a hit
Please continue writing
5/21/2020 c5 Luna
Yeah ! XD The chapter is here !

Maybe I'm wrong, but your fanfiction is similar of a story called Nobody's Hero published on Ao3 website. But there more details and sensuality on the Aiballshipping relationship on your story and I love the idea Yusaku became a "perfect" human, just like Ai is a perfect AI. I have many questions about his generals and their roles too. Will they become rivals of Aoi, Takeru and others ?

So, I think Yusaku & Ryoken will confront Ai very soon. I'm scared about Ai try to kill Yusaku, if he's refuses to capitulate (even if it's an always intense situation T_T). But a Duel between Ai and Yusaku/Ryoken or between Ai and Ryoken about Yusaku, could be very interesting...
5/20/2020 c4 Luna
I love your story so much ! :)

Poor Yusaku, Ai is so extreme and yandere with him. He's creepy, but I love him like that (omg, I think I'm insane).

Ah ! I can't wait for the next chapter. I think Yusaku is brave, to face Ai who is the king and a super-powerful IA.

(Sorry if I made mistake in this review, my english is poor)
5/15/2020 c4 25FanficFemale
I'm really enjoying this story. This reminds me of another story I read called Nobody's Hero on AO3. Did you get inspiration from that story or is it a coincidence that you guys had similar ideas? Either way keep up the good work and can't wait for the next chapter!

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