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1/24 c16 KRAKEN - Excalibur Galantine
Is this story getting updated? because if so, this may become one of my favorite ongoing fate fanfiction.
1/23 c16 Hello
good chapter i love the story so much when is the next one
1/21 c14 guest
lol i like this
1/21 c13 guest
this is gold
1/21 c16 bear
moar pls
1/20 c14 Guest
Lol girls 101 I'm dead
1/20 c13 Guest
1/20 c12 Guest
Nice fight scene
1/20 c11 Guest
Great story
1/8 c16 guest
can't wait for the next update
1/6 c16 Annoyingguest
Has anyone else notice that tobirama has red eyes and white hair like a homunculus from fate. And else face it he would definitely try to create one if he wanted a successor, child, and/or perfect ninja.
1/4 c16 25EMIYA KURO
you've made a master piece
1/3 c8 Rifful
I think that too often writers get Danzo's behavior wrong. He didn't steal talented children. He took broken, useless, or unwanted children, and forged them into tools. He got permission to take Torou from the Aburame, and he stole Fu from Yamanakas when he was orphaned and left abandonded, and those where his most 'talented' tools. He hated the Uchihas, so he acted more severely with them.
12/30/2020 c16 Depressedcoper
More please
12/30/2020 c16 Depressedcoper
(How) Do you plan to bring Tsunade back to the village? Are you gonna kill off Sarutobi or maybe give him a crippling injury that Tsunade has to heal? Do you plan on giving Shirou an elemental affinity? Maybe you could combine elements to give Shirou a metal based kekkei tota like maybe combine fire earth and wind. How about summoning animals? Rin could be a lioness Shirou a wolf and Sakura would be an owl. Or if you want to use pre-existing animals then Rin could get cat summons Shirou the dogs and Sakura could summon snakes or crows.
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