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for Convinced to Come

5/28 c1 74Demonic Irken
This is interesting.
5/10 c1 25Dreamer1920
That was very good and believable. And yeah, Nature Pants was an episode I used to watch a ton as a kid. :P

Nice job, man!
5/8 c1 16Aartman7141999
That's actually a good point; I thought he was either probably forced too or something.
5/8 c1 18Skillet-Writer
Oo, I like that you did a sort of elaboration on this episode. I’ve always just assumed that Squidward really doesn’t “hate” living next to SpongeBob. And your story kinda proves my idea, I suppose. As long as SpongeBob is able to be controlled a bit, Squidward still doesn’t mind showing up for the party. How sweet! I like the dialogue here, very believable. Maybe you should make some more of these, developing ideas for more scenes that we didn’t get to see in the 11 minute timeframe of certain episodes. :)
5/8 c1 777Shaeril McBrown
Good one Patrick

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