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for Leap Into Thin Air - Part 5 of Orphan Bond series

8/28 c1 elicbxn
I wish I could say 2020 has been so kind to me. I've only written 2 stories and both of those were when I had a break in headaches from late June and early July. They are not UNCLE, in fact they are original fiction.

I have put my original characters into UNCLE, but I haven't typed up those stories. Two out of the three are in The Waverly Papers 3 and 4 (a/k/a The Lost Waverly Papers.) The story in #3, The Mindspeak Affair, was also printed in The Zine Affair along with A Personal Christmas Carol that also had my characters. I didn't allow The All or Nothing Affair to be printed there because it came out about the same time as The Lost Waverly Papers.

A friend, Ann McKannan, had The Castle In Spain Affair printed in Can You Get Channel D in a Yellow Submarine using my characters with my permission.

If you want to find my stories they are over on AO3
5/11 c1 32ladybrit
Good story - and you keep the characters as they are supposed to it very much.

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