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for After the Ink Dried

6/25 c1 bronte7723
Go on. Give us part two
5/13 c1 LA AngelxZV
I’d love a part two for sure!
5/9 c1 pumpkinking5

Hope you are keeping safe during this quarantine time.

Sometimes, we need to see why someone stopped talking or what happened. Gabby had to know the reason why Troy stopped talking to her for 2 years. She didn't understand since they were best friends. It made her questioned her motives, actions and love for him. She really thought that he brushed her off after signing with the Lakers.

At the retirement party for Mr. Darbus, Troy was there. She was shock but he was there for the party. She tried to avoid him but it was no used. He was going to talk to her because he knew of her whereabouts during the party.

They talked. It was an eyeopening conversation that needed to be talked. Troy had more feelings for Gabby than best friend. He didn't know what to do about them. Gabby was shock! This was the reason why he kept this distance? Troy knew someone who can offer her a job as well. He knew that she wasn't working and needed employment. It was inSan Bernardino, CA. I was saying YEA! Never had San Bernardino, CA in a HSM story before. She needed time to think after Troy said.

And Gabby showed up on his doorstepped three weeks later. It was a surprise for Troy. Now, they can start rebuilding their relationship to more than best friends.

Can't wait to read the part two!

Great job!
5/9 c1 guest
I hope you continue this. I absolutely loved and enjoyed it.
5/8 c1 Mimi
Yes please
5/8 c1 leashaa
Yes for part two! Loved this!

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