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for Fostering Fiasco

9/15 c6 Guest
There's one chapter left...are you going to finish this? I would love to see some fluffy big brother Jack comforting Liam, so...please update? Pretty please ...
6/30 c6 Guest
Will there be an update? Please
5/29 c6 152Linneagb
Awwww. Poor Liam. I hope this will go well for him. But I'm caught up now so I hope you update soon.
5/29 c5 Linneagb
It's just cute Jack cares for his little brother. They could have this great relationship really. I'll have to see how Jack passes this test.
5/28 c4 Linneagb
Ouch. I wonder what is more going on with Liam. Surely he won't be able to keep it hidden forever. All characters just seem perfectly like they are in the series.
5/28 c3 Linneagb
You just keep getting everyone into their characters like they are in the series. Well... Tracy-plans usually works in one way or another. I just have to keep reading to see how this goes on.
5/28 c2 Linneagb
Poor Jack and poor Liam too. Awwww, Harry's so precious and Gus is just so... Gus! I wonder how this will turn out.
5/28 c1 Linneagb
Great start. It isn't easy hiding something from Tracy so I wonder what happens next. I'm sorry it took me a while to read but I'm sosososo happy to see you and Ally writing and reading in this fandom.
5/21 c6 TDG
Liam having a cavity and a knocked out tooth is gonna be tough. I feel for him xx
Jack's gonna make it okay.
Update please
5/21 c6 Tracy
Please update! I wanna see Jack comforting scared Liam. Big brother!Jack to the rescue
5/23 c6 19Maleeha x
5/15 c6 Guest
Please update I need more...
Jack x Liam brotherly fluff please
5/12 c6 Guest
I want some Jack comforting Liam fluff at the appointment. It would be so sweet xx
Poor Liam.
Update ASAP
5/12 c6 Guest
Please update very soon xx
I wanna see Jack comfort Liam
5/11 c6 146Ally R. Swan
Classic Elektra, winding Liam up. Awe man Liam :( That's horrible. Certainly makes sense as to why he freaked and ran. Poor kid. I knew he would want Jack and Tracy to go with him when they have him go to the dentist. And surely they'll make it okay. :) Looking forward to chapter seven.
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