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9/26 c10 30MBAV fan66
Oh, shit! Ethan accepted the deal with Jesse without even discussing it with Benny, first! That run-in with Val the previous night done really messed with his head, huh?! Lol! Ethan has completely shutdown now after losing control and accidently hurting Benny the night before. And now he's turning more towards his darker self and is more willing to join Jesse's little gang of demons now, too. And it's all thanks to Val and her verbal attack on him to prove herself right that he is threat, after all. Now, Ethan's about to prove her right. Poor Ethan.

Benny is on a mission to make Val pay for what she did to Ethan that night. Well, a mission to get her out of Whitechapel, that is. Since all she's really doing is just stirring up unnecessary trouble rather than doing her job on the down-low when it's warranted. I bet if she was a dude, Benny would've decked her for verbally harassing his boyfriend like that! Lol! But he can't because she's not a dude and Benny's probably a gentleman who doesn't hit girls, either. Lol! :P

So, Jesse's new girlfriend happens to be Erica. Wow! Lol! I bet if Benny knew, he'd be flipping his lid over her unknowingly dating a rogue demon. Lol! XD But I bet there's a method to why Jesse is dating her, though. And it's not because he likes her, either. Knowing him there HAS to be an ulterior motive in play here. ;P Besides, he didn't seem all that interested in her there for a sec after Ethan had approached them. Like he was...just pretending to be into what she was doing as a ruse to make her happy.

Seems like all that animosity and spite between Ethan and Erica (back when they attended the same school still before Erica graduated, that is) is still there even to this very day. I can see why Ethan still dislikes her, since she was the one doing the bullying. But with Erica, I would've thought she would have gotten over it by now, after graduating high school and moving on to college, now. But I guess, not. *shrug* :P That's probably why Jesse is dating her. He knows that they don't like each other and that she used to bully Ethan freshman year.

Man! That was some deal! Ethan done accepted an offer he can't refuse! Not only does he get what he desires out of the deal, but he'll also wind up gaining a high position in Jesse's ranks, as well. Getting to be Jesse right hand man in his little demon group. Aka, the drama club that's solely for demons only. Lol! :P This story just keeps getting better and better with every chapter! I'm so stoked to see what the next chapter is going to be like! :D
9/26 c10 23Bennyweirlover17
I really enjoyed reading this chapter it was great and I can’t wait for more
9/5 c9 Bennyweirlover17
another wonderful awesome and amazing chapter well done it’s so flawless and fantastically well written so kudos to you
9/5 c9 30MBAV fan66
Ah, man! Val can just fuck off with her crazy and bitter ass! Picking on our little Ethan like that! Who does she think she is, anyway?! If I could, I would bitch-slap me a certain douche angel, right about now!

There to be more as to why Val is wanting to pick solely on Ethan, though. Like, her intentions to provoke him like that out of the blue were totally uncalled for. It's like she's trying to push him towards the dark side on purpose or something! By preying on his insecurities, Ethan's done now backslid on any progress he's made about his identity issues as a half demon/half human during his earlier teenage days. Now, he's right back to square one again, emotionally. And right when he's been the most happiest he's ever been in life probably, too.

That incident with Val not only effected Ethan but it also effected Benny a little, too. It's like now he wants to comfort Ethan and convince him that she's wrong and that he's not bad but good. Even after what happened. But at the same time, though...he's a bit scared and confused on how to handle the situation. He's never seen Ethan so angry before like that to the point where his inner demon/human like scale winds up tipping down more on the demon's side this time. Ethan's demon self is scary. But at the same time, Benny knows that what happened and him getting hurt wasn't Ethan's fault entirely. If anything the blame falls more on Val than anyone else there. She was the one who decided to push his buttons and confront him for no real reason. I think now that Benny's over the shock of what just happened and what he just witnessed, he's ready to be there for Ethan and hopefully make him feel secure again and convince him to not believe any of the bull crap that Val was spewing off at him earlier, either.

Oh! And might I add...OMG! THEY JUST SHARED THEIR FIRST KISS AND IT WAS SOOOO SWEET AND INNOCENT AND THEY ARE JUST THE MOST CUTEST COUPLE EVER! XD That's right! I soooo fangirled over that part of the chapter when they kissed each other goodbye in the car after the date was over with. I LOVE Bethan kisses! ;P
8/24 c8 23Bennyweirlover17
this chapter is so good and well written I love it so much it’s definitely my favorite so far and I can’t wait for the next one
8/24 c8 30MBAV fan66
So, Benny's really an angel of death. We have a half demon of misfortune dating an angel of death. Awesome! :D *giggles* ;P Besides, the two kinda go hand-in-hand together, anyway. You know, because misfortune can sometimes lead to death or death is just another kind of misfortune to befall someone in life. *giggle* ;P Anyway, now I'm all happy again that they got that out of the way and things are good between them again. :)

Damn! You got me with that one. Making Val really be an angel rather than a demon, like she is in the show. Lol! Touche! Touche! :P Anyway, Val's not as easy-going or as friendly when she's not busy putting on her fake perky/cheery facade when in public among the humans. Not like Benny, anyway. At least, he's still friendly and somewhat expressive when he's not in public around humans. With Val, she's all business and no play. Not that Benny is, too because he does take his job very seriously. Just...not with as much attitude and seriousness as she does. Like, he's serious and all when it comes to facing down a rogue demon, but at the same time he also knows when to be more merciful and lessen his guard down just a bit, too. As well, as knowing when to be apologetic when he realizes that he messed up. Like when he almost killed Ethan when he first learned that he was a demon, only to then learn that he's not just a demon but he's also half human, too. Whereas, Val showed no remorse and acted like she didn't really care that he was half human, too, after Benny told her that and how they're not suppose to kill human halflings whether they be demon or angel halflings. As well, as regular humans, too. Unless directly ordered to, that is. Val's like a stone-cold killer when it comes to being a hunter. I just hope she follows Benny's directions and leaves Ethan alone. But I have a feeling that Benny doesn't really quiet trust that she will, all that well. But we'll see! :D

Maybe Ethan likes coming over to Benny's place to discuss these types of things because that way when it comes to talking about the rogues in town and their plan to find out what they're up to, they won't risk his mom or sister finding out about it. Especially, his mom, who Ethan probably knows will have major fit about it and would probably ban him from ever having anything to do with Benny again for his own good. Lol! Momma bear gotta protect her cubs while papa bear is away, after all! Lol! XD

I think Benny is really starting to question Heaven's motives in tasking him with dealing with the rogue demons in Whitechapel, now since they obviously aren't giving him anything to work here. Lol! For one, they send another hunter there. Whether as backup to help him out or just because they don't have much faith in his skill that he can handle it, so they send someone else there who probably can get the job done. I don't know. And for two, they're clearly not divulging very much of their info to him, either. Like, ok we'll give the newbie all the info we know about the situation, but hardly give any to the angel we already have assigned on the task, though. Lol! Heaven's not making his job very easy, huh? Lol! XD
8/9 c7 23Bennyweirlover17
I love this chapter a lot it’s so good and well written nice job on writing it
8/8 c7 30MBAV fan66
Seems like Benny is only telling half the truth about what kind of angel he is. Hunting is only part of his job and being a skilled killer is only one of the skills that his specialty allows him to do. I think learning that bit of information from his dad, has now made Ethan feel a bit doubtful about his trust in Benny. Especially, since he was so open about what his specialty is to Benny. But I wonder why Benny wouldn't of told him what his real specialty was, though?

And I wonder what is up with this Val chick? Obviously, she had an alterative motive in wanting to speak to Ethan. And it's not to find out where Mr. G is after school, either. I think she was gaging him for something. As for what? I have no clue.

I bet this so-called "candidate" for the ritual that Jesse went off after, was really Sarah. *giggle* ;P

Ross is feeling a bit guilty about the way he reacted to Benny the other day, when he came over. Although, he might want to apologize to Benny, too, though. Lol! Or at least, since he's at work, have Ethan apologize for him the next time he see's him. :P Although, Ross has yet to be informed that since then, they have now moved from the friend zone to the dating zone, now. Lol! XD

Things are getting really good and I'm totes excited! :D
8/8 c7 ashley164
So good! I’m always waiting for you to update this story now lol. I really like how you left out a lot into his chapter lowkey, because it type sets up for the rest of the story in a good way (even though I always want to read more lmfao). Can’t wait for the next update!
7/31 c6 23Bennyweirlover17
such a flawless chapter it’s fantastic
7/31 c6 30MBAV fan66
Yes! It's Bethan! For realzies this time! :D Now, they know how they feel about each other and they are planning to have their first date together that weekend, too! Ah! I'm so excited and happy for them! XD They really do make the perfect team! Whether it's solving unexplainable human deaths together or being friends or even being a relationship with one another! They're the perfect combination no matter what! ;D

I had a feeling that rogue demons were possibly behind all the mysterious deaths in town. And I believe those rogue demons involved are Jesse and his crew, too. Just don't know the reason why, though. Other than by taking these human souls that it makes them stronger somehow. But why would they need to become more stronger, though? And how does Ethan fit into their plans, too, I wonder? Man! This story is getting all kinds of good! I'm stoked to see what happens in that second meeting and what Ethan will learn while there, too! :D

Rory didn't just spill the beans on Ethan's little hidden crush. He totally dumped it like a pile of bricks from the back of a dump truck! Lol! XD After that very embarrassing moment, I think he knows he's in hot water with Ethan, later on. *giggle* ;P

Another new girl, eh? And her name is Val. Why do I get the feeling that her last name is Mudrap. ;)
7/26 c5 23Bennyweirlover17
this is a wonderful chapter so nice job writing it it’s fantastic so kudos to you
7/22 c5 30MBAV fan66
Oo! Looks like Ethan's starting to really question his life expectancy all of a sudden, now. And he accidently read his dad's future emotions, this time, too. I'm guessing he struggles with controlling that ability, just a little bit, sometimes. Because that's twice that he's accidently did it, now. Once with Benny and now with father.

Jesse's school goonies are keeping an eye on him at school, now. That must be really unsettling to know for Ethan. Huh? Lol! :P Maybe he should tell Benny, as a precaution in case anything happens. Like, causing the rogue demons to suddenly become suspicious of them. ;P And there goes Rory! Jumping to conclusions that just because a cool person said "hi" to Ethan, that it automatically makes Ethan cool, now! Lol! XD That silly blonde! Lol! :P If only he knew what REALLY went on at that party, after he parted ways with Ethan to go flirt with some girls there. *giggle* ;P

Ethan is SO crushing on Benny, right now! Lol! And it's totes adorbs, too! :D Now, we just need Benny to figure that he actually likes him too and then them confessing their hearts out to one another and then their first kiss and UH! I'm am so in swoon mode, right now! Lol! :P But I'll stop now. I'm getting ahead of myself. *giggle* ;P
7/9 c4 MBAV fan66
So, Ethan must be a crucial part of Jesse's sinister and evil plan, then. If he's calling him the "ultimate weapon" and giving him special treatment compared to the other newbies in the group. Lol! Even though, Ethan still hasn't given him his answer yet on if he's in or not. :P But they're trying their damnedest in trying to convince him to join, though. That's for sure. Like they're not gonna take no for an answer. And if Jesse plans on using Ethan as his "weapon" then that must mean he's planning to start a war or something against the forces of good (aka, the angels and all the good/official demons out there who work for Hell). Just what is it that Jesse's trying to achieve here, I wonder? *starts pondering about it* :P

I liked that little domesticated home scene there between Ross and Samantha, over Ross's choice in colors when it comes clothing for their son. Lol! And then them just causally bickering about it as the walk off. Very homey and down to earth, even! :)

I also liked how when Ross got the door he was giving Benny the fifth degree, while shooting daggers at him, too. Lol! I guess, he's gonna be holding that small grudge (for trying to kill his son, earlier) for a while now, huh? Lol! Benny's gonna have to work hard to build up trust in the eyes of Mr. Morgan when he's around! Lol! XD Maybe he'll grow on Ross once he's spent enough time around him to see that it was a honest mistake and that he's truly a good guy, who doesn't wish his family any harm. ;D

Ah! Stephanie (from the show) got to make a cameo in the chapter! That's so wild! Lol! XD I wonder if we'll see her more or if that was just it? Lol!

Come on now, TEM! You can't tell me that you at least didn't intend for that little pun there, to happen just a little bit. Now, can you? Not even just teensy bit? *barely pinches index finger and thumb together, while squinting one eye* Lol! XD
7/9 c4 23Bennyweirlover17
wow this storyline is really interesting and exciting I love all of it so far it’s great I can’t wait to read more
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