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4/21 c3 12Cyan Quartz
Ok, this is a kickass story. Love the idea, execution and main character.
3/23 c3 6Zane Tribal Tyne Alexandros
Oh, I do love this story! -Almost as much if not more than ‘Advanced Release’. Please, when you do get a chance update this so I can read a ‘chapter 4‘.
3/23 c2 Zane Tribal Tyne Alexandros
I am thoroughly enjoying watching Rufus at work. I’m also thoroughly enjoying the mental breakdown that Tseng is beginning to have.
3/23 c1 Zane Tribal Tyne Alexandros
So after enjoying the story you’ve written immensely I decide to have a look at some of your other stories. -And low and behold, I found this, and what a pleasant surprise it was!
1/17 c3 2Poison Tree
Very entertaining so far. Love the foreshadowing on all those dossiers. ;p
Methinks I hear a Hojo lashed and shrieking to the track? *evil laugh*
Full ahead boys! and throw some more coal in the furnace! *more evil laugh*
Though that may just be me getting my hopes up. :p
Fingers crossed! ;D
1/9 c3 3kalmaegi
This just keeps getting better! Of course Rufus would immediately snatch up Gaia's future WEAPON. Oh Cloud, poor guy definitely tried to argue for his rights. There's a lot of mentions of moms so far, parallels maybe? In how they both approach said parental figures. My favorite blondes out there to take the world by storm!
1/7 c3 1AugustMoon259
Pft, Cloud's not even on the job yet, and he understands Rufus. I see these two inevitably becoming closer in the future, probably with lots of sarcasm and banter. XD
1/7 c2 AugustMoon259
Ah, where do you post your art? The Discord server?
1/7 c1 AugustMoon259
Mhm, love a good anti-hero... I liked Rufus's snark and how he just went back to sleep at the end of the chapter, lol.
1/5 c3 Nemhain2009
Love this story :)
1/4 c3 Patrick the observer
welp with that little tidbit at the end, i can't wait for the next chapter to see the fall out of his actions the last three chapters. well that and Cloud adapting as Rufus's body double.
1/4 c3 Guest
This looks okay, but Cloud and Zack work good for a reason.

In this case actually getting zack to train under Angeal and Sephiroth with Sephiroth and Genesis training Cloud. This would introduce them earlier, and allows them to be able work together in a team. Zack basically gets the traits he has which is influenced by Angeal and would get influenced by Sephiroth as well. This, also, provides a grounding part for sephiroth since the only grounding points he has in Angeal and Genesis. Cloud is the second grounding point, and more likely to have Sephiroth view him as Angeal views Zack(if only the way is shown is different, but the idea is still there). This, also, gives Cloud some influence from Genesis, and Genesis has another grounding point like Angeal.

The reason is simple in the fact that Rufus would have access so would, also, have the best access to curing the Degradation advancement state that Genesis would go through(which is why he did the whole thing he did), and for Sephiroth he would have an ally in the Vice President which means he gets a lot of options to work with as well as Rufus getting a Strong ally. The other fact is by the time they meet and try to apply Zack would already being started training under Angeal, Rufus would have the information & plan ready to go, and the process will have started.

As for the rest well that depends on future chapters because eveything here is based on the three chapters already given.
1/3 c3 9Kelana-ti
Cloud as Rufus' double?! Wow, did not see that coming. Very interesting plot twist.
1/3 c3 7Reaper7
You know, there's a possibility that Cloud and Rufus might be seen in the same place in public. And if done right, all of Midgard might learn that Rufus is hanging out with a 'pretty girl' and there will be hilarity all around. Just something I hope you'll keep in mind for future updates.
Keep up the great work!
1/2 c3 river
Thank you for the new chapter!
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