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10/16 c23 kornikouva
I hope you are all okay and well rested.

The last part is really my favorite. Sweeney consciously makes an effort to make Nellie happy, and that’s what matters.

P.S. This very long chapter makes up for the long wait! And the bad guys lurking in the alleys, I can’t wait to know what they are up to.
9/7 c22 Guest
I low-key love this fic, I just got into sweenett and I love it. This is argueably the best fic of the ship so far
9/4 c22 kornikouva
You have returned! I’m so happy. And as cliches go, the long wait is worth it.

They are a couple now eh? Many thanks to Toby for clearing that up. I wonder how much it would take Sweeney to admit himself that they are a couple now. I agree with Sweeney though about Richard. I do think he has feelings for Nellie, and Sweeney is getting jealous. Ha!

The end of the chapter melts my heart. x
8/19 c7 56LavernaG
I just found this story today and I've been unable to take my eyes off it. I gotta give my eyes a rest now, although at the moment I want nothing more than to keep reading. This story is amazing! Without a doubt the best "Sweeney Todd" fanfic I've ever read—and I've read quite a few!
The storyline is interesting and original, the story very well paced. I often see some typos but they don't bother me here as much as they do in some other stories. The way you've managed to write down the accents is simply wonderful! And I must admit, in a story like this, I actually enjoy seeing a certain amount of violence.
I must admit it was a little disturbing at the beginning to see Mrs. Lovett's first name as Eleanor. As far as I remember, she always used to call herself Nellie. But then again, my favourite portrayal of Mrs. Lovett was done by Angela Lansbury on Broadway and her appearance doesn't fit the description of your Mrs. Lovett either. I guess this comes down to which version we enjoyed the best. So when I'm reading your story, I just imagine my version of Mrs. Lovett. :)
I'm working on a "Sweeney Todd" story myself, and it was great to see some of my own ideas in this story also. That proves these ideas are believable if I'm not the only one who's thought of them. :) For example, I always got the feeling when Sweeney said that Lucy was beautiful, that he had actually forgotten everything else about her, and just kept telling himself that he remembered her. It was lovely to see this in your story, too, and recognize it! Another thing I enjoyed is seeing that there actually is some good in the world, as in Arthur Sykes; I've got a pleasant character like that in my own story too. (The original story was so void of hope that it was actually downright depressing. Haha.)
I love how slowly and begrudgingly Sweeney is warming up to Mrs. Lovett. You've stayed very true to both of their characters. And of course it's all super exciting! :) Thank you for putting so much effort and time into this story!
8/8 c21 kornikouva
A huge sigh of relief! There was I moment when I thought that Sweeney would not show up. Him not going after the judge to comfort Nellie shows that his priorities are starting to get right.

But Beth? I suddenly became afraid for the little girl.

More looooong chapters please! Loving them as always. x
7/30 c20 kornikouva
I’m now beginning to hate Sweeney for being so fickle minded! Poor Nellie is suffering unnecessarily because he can’t man up. But seriously, love the chapter!
7/30 c20 1bellovettrix
Whew! Sweeney is on and off. I kinda hate him. I hope soon he'll make up his mind and stop it's war with his heart 'cause I'm sure his heart beats now right for Mrs. Lovett. Hmp.
7/30 c20 7thesilverscreens
Ahhhh this is so freaking good
7/21 c19 Bellovettrix
Thanks for the updates. These help me during quarantine. Bless.
7/21 c19 kornikouva
What stubborn kids we have here! Hahaha. Toby and Beth are so cutie patooties but now I worry about them. I hope it’s just pies and candies for them and no kidnap whatsoever. Anyways, I’m in with wherever you want them to bring.

But our Baker and his Barber, quite stubborn too! I hope Sweeney will not turn 360 degrees again and leave Nellie brokenhearted. Because if this happens again, I’m afraid that she will run straight to George’s arms. And that will really depress me. That will be her lowest point if it happens.

I’m so happy that Sweeney finally admits in his head that he needs her. I hope he realize soon that it’s not just Nellie’s body she needs. If you would super stress Nellie with Arthur’s case, please make sure Sweeney stays by her side. Or else it’s to bedlam with her, I think. Too much pressure for one poor heart.

I hope your work frees up some time for this story. I really, really love it. Thank you!
7/21 c19 13Welovethat
THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY! I’m so glad Sweeney got over himself and told Nell
7/11 c17 bellovettrix
Sweeney is being adorable, right? While Turpin is consistently being a perv. I hope Sweeney will protect Nellie at all cost.
7/1 c16 bellovettrix
Btw, i love how you wrote about the way Mrs. Lovett is acting. That's how i always imagine she would be once Sweeney rejected her, bc i think that's understandable. I mean almost all her life revolved around him, and then they got intimate just to be rejected the next. It would be hard to stay happy. He's so close, and yet so far. Also, again, i like that Sweeney notices the change in her that she lost some of her cheerfulness.
Ughhh, and Sweenett affects me so much lmao!
7/1 c16 kornikouva
Oh Sweeney’s so sweet. But I wish he would soon bump his head and move on from his confusion that he actually does care for the dear Baker. I was actually hoping that he would accompany her to the courthouse just for support. But I guess that would just bring back morbid memories. So maybe a continuation of that conversation Toby has interrupted?

I’m now thinking as to what Turpin has to do with Arthur’s attack. Oh I’m really so invested now in your story.
7/1 c16 1bellovettrix
I'm glad Sweeney is being kind. But please don't make him very soft, or he's not Sweeney Todd. I always imagine Mr. T showing care but not in a Benjamin way.
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