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4/18/2023 c34 Steff
Poor Beth, she didn't deserve such mother, God knows the sort of lies she made up to throw Richard against Beth, Toby and our lovely weird couple. I Hope Sweeney makes it fast enough to defend his family, specially Nelly. Looking forward to read the next chapter, I really aprecciate your story. Friendly greetings, stay safe :)
11/21/2022 c34 1bellovettrix
Omg poor Beth indeed. But it's awesome she's standing up for herself. I hope everything won't turn out worst for her, though. Her mom is a b*tch.
And Mrs. Lovett omg. Please protect her and her relationship with the Sykes.
And as for Sweeney, I hope he gets to Nellie fast to protect her from the Sykes. After all, Nellie is his 'family'. _
Please update soon.
11/11/2022 c34 Mary III
Well that chapter was certainly interesting. I think it’s definitely added to my theory on Eliza. First of all I think Eliza’s name about not having a ‘dignified boy’ is very good evidence for my theory that she is perhaps infertile and resents her in her wish for a boy. The fact that Beth was conceived out of wedlock also is very interesting as Eliza does not at all strike me as the type. It’s possible she believes that her not having any future children is almost punishment for the promiscuity and which is why she reacts so harshly to when she accuses Beth of the same crime. Of course, it’s also possible that it was intentional and a sort of ‘baby-trap’ if you will which at this point I would not put beyond Eliza. If this is true, that means that Eliza deliberately attempted to get in with the Sykes, and so perhaps then feels more pressure to give them an heir? The affair with Charles was also a bit of a shock. Perhaps this is just a last ditch attempt to have a boy, as Charles has proved very capable of having children? Also, since Richard and Eliza are estranged at this point, having another child would be thinkable. This could possibly be an attempt for that, or perhaps just an attempt to feel love again, since Richard has now abandoned her for seemingly (to her) no reason. I wonder how long the affair has gone on for and also who initiated it. I mentioned in my last review that they seemed close (though now I realise how close) and he clearly holds a lot of beliefs about the importance of a male heir. I have no doubt being exposed to these extreme views has radicalised Eliza and maybe Charles was the one who offered to start the affair, in order to give her a son (though that would probably not be his only cause, but possibly how he worded it to her). Also, back when Richard accused her of an affair because he saw her with a man, was that possibly Charles too? The Macbeth lie could have been another one of her cover-ups. Anyway, thank you for the great development of Eliza’s character, gosh she is interesting, though she’s clearly now going down the villain route.
11/11/2022 c1 1OpheliaMagicka13
Hello, new member/writer here, brilliant work. Do hope that poor Arthur’s going to be all right, only seen a bit of him but I like him already. Then again, us Sweeney Todd fans will be on the side of a good guy who hates Turpin, maybe not as much as Sweeney, but anyone who isn’t cool with Turpin is cool with us. Can’t wait to see if he becomes something of an ally to our barber and baker to put a stop to Turpin and Bamford, though they’d have to keep him out of the loop on… some things.
Enough ranting though, always love to see Nellie pull out her badass moves and even better when she can throw Sweeney for a big speechless loop. Lovely job keeping everyone in character, can’t wait to read on and would appreciate any input you have for my work here if you ever have time, if not that’s fine too.
11/5/2022 c33 Mary III
I want to talk about Eliza as well; I find her a really interesting character. Her and Charles seem to get on quite well and I think they have similar attitudes. Charles is pretty much the personification of the ‘rich lawyer’ jokes and his hatred of Mrs Lovett, and most lower class characters, is likely due to the whole class issue. His hatred of Edith probably comes from her very brazen attitude, which, being a man of his time, he would disapprove of. This could also possibly fuel his dislike of Eleanore too, as she and Edith have quite similar personalities. However, Eliza is slightly different in the fact she is not open about her anger. Her and Eleanore have never had direct conflict like she has with Charles, so her ardent dislike of Eleanore is very intriguing. Obviously, there is the class divide again and Eliza shows prejudice against the lower class, seen when she calls Toby a ‘street boy’, but I think there’s something more. I wonder perhaps if Eliza is slightly jealous, possibly over Eleanore’s looks, but also possibly over Toby and the fact that Eleanore has a son and Eliza doesn’t. The whole ‘male-heir’ thing had died down quite a bit by this point in history, but it was still there and there are traces of it in the story. Amelia states that she would gladly have more children ‘if Charles were interested in any more’. Here, Charles seems to have control over the amount of the children they have, and the reason they have so many is probably because they kept going until they had a boy. Charles also seems quite favourable towards him, having him on his lap during Beth’s birthday meal, whilst reacting harshly to his daughters. However, Amelia’s children are not Sykes, they’re Holtons and, being the only boy, Richard is the only one who can pass the family name down. But Richard only has one child, and it’s a girl, who will presumably get married and thus not pass on the name. I wonder if Eliza secretly resents the fact that she doesn’t have the son, and her frequent contact with Charles and his views, which he likely espouses, probably do not help this. I wonder if there’s possibly an infertility issue (which was rife in Victorian England) which is why, after at least 11 years of marriage, they have only one child. Her little quip about how she’s not as ‘hard-working as Amelia who has five children by now’ also reaffirms this in my mind. She describes having lots of children as being ‘hard-working’ i.e a product of effort. It’s possibly she secretly blames herself for her lack of children and this manifests itself in her hatred of Eleanore. As far as I’m aware, Eliza is not aware of Eleanore’s pregnancy, but I think her reaction to it is what will really make or break this theory. Anyway, I could be wrong, this is just a really great story with really strong characters and I’m looking forward to seeing where it’s going next!
10/28/2022 c33 Mary III
This story is incredible. I have read it so many times that I swear I can recite some chapters off by heart. I was very happy to see you update and am very excited to see where the story is going next! There are just too many subplots open to leave the story at this and I’m looking forward to what’s to come!

May I just ask one question though. In Chapter 23, Beth’s party, we get introduced to Toby’s friends from the workhouse, Annabelle and her brother, who were really likeable by the way. In regards to the boy, how is his name spelt? You refer to him as ‘Fredrick’ 11 times, but also refer to him as ‘Frederick’ 9 times. It’s almost too consistent for one to be a mistake. I was just curious if there was a set spelling or not. In case you haven’t decided, I’ll just say that I’m team Frederick all the way and I think the extra ‘e’ sounds better.
10/26/2022 c33 bellovettrix
I was sooo excited when i see there's an update asdfghjklwthhbff!
I love how Sweeney is developing his relationship with the Sykes. I hope the Sykes can help him mend his relationship with Nellie. Also I'm glad they're able to make move on Turpin.
Love this! xoxo
10/21/2022 c33 4Musicianlover12
This story is definitely my emotional support fanfiction Xx (We all have one, this is mine.)
10/21/2022 c33 Musicianlover12
I’m so happy! I love this fanfiction a lot and I’m really glad that you’re choosing to continue it. Lol I am very invested and look forward to every update, regardless of the space between. The length and quality always makes it the wait very worthwhile! You’re a very talented storyteller and I can’t wait to see what happens next.
6/24/2022 c32 4Moonlightshadoww
Another beautifully heartbreaking chapter, love. I think after this chapter I'm on no one's team, not Sweeney or Nellie, I'm just team Sweenett! I just want them both to be happy! Nellie broke my heart when she refused to let Sweeney in and all the hardships he had to endure while out in the streets got me so emotional. But I also understood her reasons, he'd been hurting her for so long that him confessing he murdered George and especially him reacting like that to her pregnancy were the last nails in the coffin. But Sweeney loves her and I do believe he's trying, even if lying was not the way, I also understand his reasons. God they're a mess but that's why I love them so much. Their love is so twisted yet so deep. That's what made the ending even more beautiful to me, how despite everything, she still loves him and he her and in the midst of all the heartbreak, they couldn't resist each other. They are each other's pain but also each other's comfort. I cannot wait to read more, love. Your story is everything xxx
6/2/2022 c32 1bellovettrix
So glad for this update. Reading this was one of my highlights this week.
Asdgjlllhgda! Thank you!
6/1/2022 c32 4Musicianlover12
This was definitely worth the wait. It’s superbly written, the emotions were palpable and everything was so vivid. I loved every moment of it. And was exactly what I needed this week.
1/11/2022 c31 4Moonlightshadoww
This was incredible. I read this two weeks ago and I'm still not over it. That fight scene was a masterclass for us aspiring fanfic writers, it's so good I couldn't even decide on whose side I was for days. I can now say I'm team Nellie, Sweeney started it by killing George for no reason and then there's of course the way he reacted to the prospect of being a dad again when he's as responsible as Nellie and that last sentence was so mean... not that she didn't say things she will probably regret sooner rather than later and she broke his heart... but I can't say part of me isn't a bit thrilled Sweeney got to experience pain by the hands (or words) of the one he loves. A bit of karma after how much he's hurt Nellie. The problem is that now are both hurt and I don't presume they will fix it easily but I know their love is strong, they will find their way back to each other. I'm so worried about Sweeney all alone and Nellie, even though she isn't technically alone, is pregnant and unmarried. I can't wait to see how this continues, I'm hoping for plenty of angsty Sweenett in the future. This really is one of my favourite stories, a true masterpiece. I hope all is well with you and happy belated new year, love! xxxxx
12/25/2021 c31 1bellovettrix
This was a wild chapter, but I love it so much. It was worth the wait. I'm just glad you're writing new chapters again.
Omg, whatever is gonna happen to Sweeney now? And OMG again but I'm just concerned about Nellie's safety now that she's alone and those bad guys might be after her.
More updates, please!
12/25/2021 c31 7Angelfire274
It’s so good to have thorns and roses back! I loved this chapter so much happened. I’m heartbroken for Nellie and Sweeney I want them to be together again soon but I know it’ll be awhile! Thank goodness she has Toby but our Nellie is strong, she’ll be ok! Sweeney, I’m worried about, the poor thing he has no one now!
I love your writing friend! Thanks for the chapter!
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