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for Thorns and Roses

12/24/2021 c31 4Musicianlover12
This was a marvelous Christmas gift~ Thank you. I'm so glad you're continuing this story. Vivid and incredible.
7/27/2021 c30 lailavelmon17
I just read the chapters when it will update
5/21/2021 c30 Satineselenite
I love this story! I just discovered and I’m obsessed i binge read it! Your Sweeney and Nellie are so in character and I love how their love story developed, it felt so realistic. I also love how you write Sweeney’s humanity without magically turning him into Benjamin again. Ans i never thought i’d say this but I generally cba about OCs but I really enjoy yours, the Skyes familiy is so charming (except for Eliza and Charles lol) and so was George (RIP) and I really enjoy reading about their endeavors. Now this last chapter... I can tell you I’m pretty surprised I didnt expect Sweeney to react like that especially now that he’s accepted that he loves her but once again his reaction seemed so in character IMO. I just hope he’ll slowly come to terms with it because it’s not the child’s fault and Nellie deserves to have her dream come true. Not that she wouldn’t be a wonderful mother all by herself but I’m sure Sweeney will love the child like he loves Johanna. They deserve a happy ending damnnit! (Although i hope that ending is very very far away because i adore your story and your writing). Cannot wait for your next update! Xx
5/9/2021 c30 Musicianlover12
Bless for the update~ I've been missing this beautiful fic. My heart aches for Nellie but it was a painfully realistic portrayal of the couple. And how Sweeney, even a Sweeney that's in love with her would react at first. You convey emotion so well and I'm a puddle. Thank you again for writing such lovely and angsty sweenett. The best kind, really.
5/9/2021 c30 1bellovettrix
Wow this chapter was intense and wild. I hope the PM is okay.
Poor Nellie. How can Sweeney be so selfish. I hope he come around soon. After all, the doctor did not say Eleanor is sick and dying.
5/9/2021 c30 pumpkinandcarrot
What a roller coaster of emotion! goddamn definitely hating sweeney right now. poor nellie, hope she won't do what i think she's going to do. great chapter author, keep it up!
4/13/2021 c1 ThrownIntoTheOven
That was amazing always full of action and well written
4/12/2021 c29 bellovettrix
Wowowow a new update again yay! Omg this was a wonderful chapter. Please keep the updates coming...and soon. I can't wait to know what happens next.
4/12/2021 c29 4Musicianlover12
BLESS thank you for updating ;-; Marvelous writing as always and characterization to a tea
4/9/2021 c14 7Angelfire274
I’m screaming in happiness it was so romantic! I saw the kiss coming but not the “devils tango” but I’m not complaining one bit!
4/8/2021 c11 Angelfire274
The staring contest killed me it was so cute!
4/8/2021 c7 Angelfire274
I'm late reading this story sorry, it's so amazing so far. I love it! I can't wait to get caught up.
4/7/2021 c28 pumpkinandcarrot
my heartwanna give both of them a big hug! Cheers for a great chapter author!
4/7/2021 c28 1bellovettrix
Yeeeaaasss a new chapter! Awww thank you for the update. This fic is one of the high quality sweenett fics written on here, and i'm always looking forward for a new chapter.
Can't wait for the next update.
4/7/2021 c28 4Musicianlover12
I'm very much still reading and on the edge of my seat to see what happens next, love. Thank you for taking the time to craft such a thoughtful sweenett 3
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