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for Elastigirl: Mother of All Villains

6/7 c1 Incrediblesfan1
Hey, UltimateDisneyInfinityFan. It’s Incrediblesfan1! This story right here is the most interesting one yet. Hey, do I have another crossover story suggestion for you: Have you ever watched Totally Spies? Or have you heard of it at least? It’s about three girls, Sam, Clover, and Alex, who are secret agents working for W.O.O.H.P., which is run by Jerry Lewis, who happens to be their boss. Cause I’m thinking maybe you should create an Incredibles crossover with Totally Spies, where the Incredibles and their allies travel to Los Angeles and eventually meet Sam, Clover, Alex, and Jerry. While there, they all team up to fight bad guys everywhere. So that is my suggestion. Please think about it.
5/10 c1 11Jokermask18

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