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3/17/2021 c2 Guest
12/24/2020 c2 Gamer17593950
I've always liked this premise, it has so much potential, so many interesting moments to be had. It reminds me of a story called the Twin Empires, or something like that. It hasn't been updated in well over a year now, but it was one of the freshest takes on the Overlord canon I've ever seen. It really sucks that it was discontinued...

Anyways, I hope this is updated at some point, that I get to see more of Ainz being a stern, or maybe even wholesome father figure. This is probably written better then Twin Empires ever was, so I'm looking forward to it.
11/22/2020 c2 Guest
Gimme moaarrrr!
7/9/2020 c2 ppnpftw
good story, looking forward to it
6/25/2020 c2 RyuujiVantek
Ainz handled it better than i thought...
And hes still acting like a father figure to even his wives... well.. he is acting like a husband too butt more so in a fatherly move.. or daddy move?
6/25/2020 c2 Michael Corven
Hello, in the previous chapter I left this same question, how did Albedo and Shalltear do to have relations with Ainz? As explained, the wand removed his inhibitor of emotions but it was not described that it gave him a capable body.

hola, en el anterior capitulo deje esta misma pregunta, como le hicieron Albedo y Shalltear para tener realaciones con Ainz? segun lo explicado la varita le quitatia su inhibidor de emociones pero no se describio que le de un cuerpo capaz.
6/25/2020 c2 Marv1n
To short. But that was pretty good
5/31/2020 c1 Michael Corven
Me quede con la duda, como hicieron Albedo, Shalltear y Ainz para tener relaciones? No se supone que Ainz aun no había realizado un deseo para obtener un cuerpo capaz de tener sexo con ellas?

Y una 2da duda es, continuara?
5/12/2020 c1 RyuujiVantek
Damn ainz, you done set yourself up.
Atleast both women are satisfied.
5/11/2020 c1 Guest
This fanfic is really cool and opens up a lot of options like working the development of Ainz’s relationship with Shalltear and Albedo. It’s really cool that you made them both having one single child and all that like making things even between the two crazy beats lmao :p.
And as it is in the future you could open even more concepts like how would Sebas deal with the loss of Tuare and even if they managed to birth a child like Demiurgue would have wanted to and if so what was his reaction? And was he able to do experiments on this possible children or Ainz forbidden it? And everyone loves seeing Mare in a Relationship with Zesshi so that’s an option but I think it would be in its beginnings as the twins would be like teens? Young adults? Something like that.
And it would be awesome to see what happened to the countries like how long did it take to conquer everything the hardest ones and all that, but that’s just me I’m a sucker for these type of descriptions ,-,
And it could be a looming threat in the distance like another continent where the next generation of players appeared or something idk
Ooooo and I would love to see what happened to the dragon lords, I saw a fic not so long ago (I think the name was gods among gods os something) where Tsa, the Platinum Dragon Lord, became “friends” with the sorcerers king to hunt down players that could potentially be a threat to the new world and I loved this concept of Ainz needing to hold a leash on him if players that could be friendly appeared.
Well, all in all I just love you fanfic idea and I would just cry in joy seeing it developing into a full on hardcore fiction with a proper end. We need more of those...
But this all is my ideas on things I like só feel free to do whatever you want, just keep posting and we’ll not have any problems... *Pulls knife out* hehe
Joking aside just do what you want to do with your fanfic, after all it is your creation and you should be proud of it no matter what others tell you, that’s my writing advice, and just keep doing what you like and want, never force yourself to do something you don’t want to because then it will never reach its full potential. Good writing!
5/10/2020 c1 Guest
Not bad, you’ve set up the rest of the story pretty well. I did feel like Ainz’ inner monologue was nothing but a boring exposition dump, though.
5/11/2020 c1 2John Seps T-Ard
Yes. I am loving the premise of this story. Insta-follow/fav
5/11/2020 c1 sebasthebutler
ehhh... what have you DONE

5/10/2020 c1 BlackArrow727
Great start. Had my hooked from it’s tough being god.
5/10/2020 c1 Ap0stl30fA1NZ
What about Zesshi or Aura. (Ok when Aura is about maybe 200 years old?) The story is a good start to writing basic fanfiction. Just please put some details and explanation on how he can *Bone* Shalltear and Albedo. Oh, and Can the Child be both brother and sister, not Male and Male.

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