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7/31/2022 c1 7Sunrise109
Nice work! Itachi's characterisation was refreshing to read - that aloofness and air of being a prodigy. It was interesting to read about the two Uchiha brothers with their mother in an AU setting! Kiba being surprised by his mum at the end was a great insert! :)
6/7/2021 c1 46Ketsui Tasogare
This was so funny and so hella deserved. Sasuke and Itachi had to learn the hard way. Loved this
2/11/2021 c1 3Jac Frust
Sasuke, the tomato boy
2/3/2021 c1 3Sanban Taishi
This story sounds so real, as if Mikoto, Itachi and Sasuke have smoothly transited into modern world !
Such a sweet story!
It is very hard to create a story that works so perfectly in AU setting and is relatable to fans

Supermarket setting is a great idea...

and Mikoto finally and gracefully asking for help from Shikamaru's mother :)

poor Itachi was not even in the queue, he was just watching over his younger brother...
oh Sasuke, Itachi always covers for you , boy!

it is so like them

great story

I personally think the omake is placed perfectly as it is...after author's note as the omake, great idea. :)
2/1/2021 c1 15naash
The embarrassment the boys had to go through but very much required. Mothers are important and it'll teach them to listen moving forward. I love how the mothers stick together

This was a very realistic setting. I think it does happen that mothers lose their teenage or young adult children in malls or grocery stores. . I used to lose my granddad when I was younger. He'd wander off himself without letting anyone know. So we needed to inform him of a meeting point in case he does stray before any trip to anywhere

I didn't realise I've not read this before. As usual, it's really well written and I do love how you're always writing characters that I would least expect

12/23/2020 c1 18AirashiSakura
Oh wow! Mother are savage is the best thing that came out of this fic. Yes, undoubtedly mothers are gentle, but they can get furious too. I wonder what Kushina might have done in this AU.
Thanks for sharing!
11/29/2020 c1 26mississippimudpiecraves
Hahahaha serves those two right! I like how you created this story as AU! And how you included Yoshino yaay! :D I love that she helped out Mikoto in the end and how she did it :D I always wanted to create an AU as well and you just reminded me of that. Thanks for sharing this story and yes the omake was great too! Lol!
6/25/2020 c1 5RushiAei
I really liked this, very relatable XD my own mom has never done that but it's soomething I can imagine her doing :)

I loved how you put a modern spin on this story. I've never read one like that with Itachi and Sasuke, really creative. What I liked most about this is the fact that you potrayed Sasuke and Itachi as good boys who really meant no harm but at the end of the day they were just distracted teens. I think most of us have fallen into that categorey in the past, hahaha. And I also enjoyed the omake! Kiba's mom and her just so happening to be there for the dog food was hilarious!
5/16/2020 c1 4MLLu
HAhah I absolutely like this very much. You go Mikoto and Yoshino! Tell the boys who are the boss! :D Such nice fanfiction to read during these depressing times. It really lightened up my day. You did a nice job writing it. The plot and the writing are top-notch. I have missed your writing. Thus keep up the great work. I look forward to reading more of your work ;)
5/13/2020 c1 17Pixie07
Great story
5/11/2020 c1 Lady Rini
Hilarious, I would say poor Itachi and Sasuke but this time it's their fault.

I hope you are alright dear with this virus going around. I am doing okay, but I keep getting sick and I am not sure what from.
5/11/2020 c1 187YenGirl
Oh my dear! *still wiping tears of laughter from her cheeks! What a gem this is and you never said a word!

Loved it. LOVED IT! A mother loves being a mother but oh yes, there are times when she feels taken for granted and unappreciated by her husband and/or brood even on Mother's Day.

I feel for poor Mikoto. So pressed for time with dear hubby throwing another thing on her to do list and her precious 2 boys (despite being prodigies) going MIA when the shouldn't!

Thank goodness for Yoshino. Yes, that woman has a firmer say in her household than Mikoto has and she knows just what to do *nods* I'd already guessed she was going to use the in store intercom/PA system and I chuckled when she did!

These 2 will keep their ears peeled for sure next time. Kiba too. And every single kid in that store!

Thanks for brightening up my afternoon with this humorous little story!

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