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for A Subtle Gesture

5/12 c1 49Martin III
To get the minor problems out of the way first:
1) "No one else was present other than Nagato." "else" is redundant to "other than".
2) "Don't tell Haruhi cursed it or something." A "me" is missing there.
3) "I cautiously take a sip." You slipped into present tense here; it should be "took a sip."

This is a very pleasing quickie. The idea is small, the sort of thing ordinarily used as a scene warm up before something important happens (not that Nagato smiling is unimportant, but presumably it wasn't just Kyon liking her tea that made it possible, meaning the significant events happened earlier), but the execution is excellent, and you handle Kyon's voice beautifully. I especially enjoyed his characteristic playful cynicism in 2). It has the bonus of seeming to hint at Kyon's never-admitted fascination with Haruhi, too, which is thematically appropriate since the story is all about Nagato wanting to get the same positive reaction from Kyon that he gives to another person, specifically Miss Asahina. It's a simple but fitting follow-up to Asahina's observations about Nagato in The Intrigues. Nagato is satisfyingly in character in character in general, showing her usual economy of phrase despite the dialogue-driven nature of the story. Nicely done.

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