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5/7 c2 3dragun95
Here is precisely the moment where a thing that seemed very interesting to be used is shown and that was going to be an important thing for deku but in the end it came to nothing. In my opinion Horikoshi wasted a good idea from here, that is, using Izuku's notebooks with the heroes' data to create strategies in the moment or movements and other things, it is something that would have put Izuku to differentiate himself from others Shonen heroes.
5/4 c33 Winters queen
Hey I was wondering if you knew when you might get done with your break
5/2 c33 7seireidoragon
This was another great chapter and it was cool to see the reference to Sir Nighteye. Enjoy your break and then we can see the final exam arc!
4/27 c33 23bajy
excellent job here! Loved it!
4/21 c1 6MasterRevan
this story is rad
4/21 c33 Bone Idle
can't wait for them to see deku fight Muscular is going to be so hype. but so painful.
4/20 c33 24Death Fury
excellent chapter
4/20 c33 1EmilyKayros
Take a good breaki cant wait for their reactions on the training arc.
4/20 c33 1EllieJoFlow
This arc was lovely! And I can't wait for the next one!
4/20 c33 PasiveNox
Wonderful chapter as always
4/19 c33 mdjafran34
Cant wait for deku vs muscular
4/19 c33 2LightSpecter141
I really must thank you! It’s because of this fanfic that has made me watch My Hero Academia in earnest. For every chapter you release, I watch the corresponding episode. Trust me, it’s quite easy to sync the episode with the chapter and it adds to the fun.

As for Jirou, she does not deserve to be called boyish. Watching these episodes thanks to these chapters has shown that she has her own feminine appeal. Too bad I’m not in the world of My Hero Academia and ten years younger, LOL!

Anyway, enjoy your well-deserved break.
4/19 c33 2Tradition of War

Okay but seriously, I need to thank you. That scene where they talk about double standards, boys vs girls? I've seen SO few people acknowledge that- the fact that the author of my favorite fanfic story did? It made my freaking day.

I seem to remember so saying earlier that you won't be doing S4- is that correct?
4/19 c33 wildarms13
ha! and we hadn't thought that AFO saying shigaraki would be the next "me" would be so literal mwahaha
4/19 c33 14Guestspirit
Awesome job with the chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
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