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5/18 c49 Guest
I'm really enjoying the touching moments... but is it bad of me to want it to fast forward to Eri being saved for the reactions and discussions that would result.
5/15 c49 AnimeFan13579
Read through the whole thing and it seems pretty good looking forward to reactions to the rest of the series.

On a side note I'd like to correct you a bit on the bit about the movies. The first movie wouldn't have as big an impact and occurred between 2nd and 3rd season. Most of it can't be linked to the anime/manga far as I know and would be nice to show due to coolness basically the Izuku All Might tag team. But one detail of it does get a reference in the manga. The hero Stars and Stripes was inspired by All Might's time in America to become a hero. And she's actually shown as a young girl in the crowd at the beginning of the movie.

The second movie actually has a MUCH more important link with the anime/manga. For one later in it One For All seems to show a potential of sentience. But the big deal is the main villain having a duplicate but weaker copy of All For One. This is important because All For One the villain actually duplicated his quirk before the Kamino ward battle. The whole time he was fighting All Might he was actually using the duplicate copy with less quirks available. The original version is later given to Tomura. The second movie basically reveals the potential for the quirk to be duplicated and All For One experimenting with giving the quirk to someone else. Outside of that major detail the movie basically shows the class working together running their own hero agency.

Of course there's still time for that movie to be brought in since it wouldn't occur till season 5. Apparently someone did a lot of research to place the movies in time line since they are canon but you could get by without watching. Though he does say that episode 16 of season 5 was actually anime exclusive and was meant as a lead off to the third movie. Just to give the location ( r/BokuNoHeroAcademia/comments/qnzfor/the_timeline_of_the_my_hero_academia_movies/) ignore parenthesis.
5/12 c49 starwing1995
Funny fact is that Eraserhead is an american horror movie from 1977 I wonder what Eraserhead would do to Present Mic if he found out
5/13 c27 2Drew86419
Bruh why does every body have to over react to everything that’s happening. This story would be so much better if they just acted like normal people instead of Mary Sues the entire time you write them.
5/13 c49 27bajy
great job here!
looking forward to reading the next chapter!
5/12 c47 tano.dzaurov13
Do they realise that the information they earned here would become obsolete if they change their timeline too much? Or that everything may become worse because of the intervention?
5/12 c49 iremjohn00
Damn I wish the mafia game had Midoriya and All Might as the bad guys that would have been cute because the one no one would ever doubt or suspect and his most innocent successor working together to bring down society
5/12 c49 56Cassandre Potter
I thought you adapted the Werewolf game.
Clearly one drew heavily on the other, on the verge of plagiarism.

Sheriff/ Little girl
Doctor/Witch (save or kill, but only once each in the game)

(The Seer see one card by night)

Oh, Werewolf cards are specific to this game. Mafia can be played with anything.
5/11 c49 2EmilyKayros
Take your time. Its a good chapter for an ice breaker. Everyone deserves it XD
5/11 c49 InfinityMask
Nice relaxing chapter. Hopefully this respite would do them good.
Anyway would you add more people? Like big 3 etc?
5/11 c49 PasiveNox
great chapter wonderful
5/11 c49 Sakebi Enkou
Honestly? I think Aoyama should talk about his problem ASAP, and have everyone react pretty much exactly the same as they do in the manga.

But that's just me. I'm not the author (I'm not an author at all, in fact), and no matter what? I think I'll love the direction this goes.

Keep up the good work!
5/11 c49 35Death Fury
Excellent chapter
5/11 c49 2CyberDragonEX
I loved the bits with Mafia!All Might - Iida and Uraraka being indignant was funny, and the sheer horror everyone felt at the reveal was even funnier. Of course, now I'm hoping you'll -next time the take a break- have the teachers play it, possibly due to All Might talking about the game with them before hand.
5/11 c49 LadyPhoenix68
Hey, Mafia, Are you a werewolf, Among us and all similiar games have been around for years and if not in japan, should be. It is very much the sort of game that fits a lot of japanese culture.

As for killing off your best friend in the game, hey, no holds barred and he will kill you the next time. The person that spoke up though should have been kicked out of the room.
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