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for No such thing as a painless lesson

10/20 c60 Guest
Does anyone know if this is still being worked on? It'll make me feel alot better to know that this isn't just a dead fiction and just taking a while to put out. Cause I really want this to continue. Really good stuff
10/15 c1 Guest
This is bad and you should feel bad
10/13 c1 Abby
This is one of the best stories i have ever read
10/5 c1 oehmlermalachi86
I ride all the way up to 60 the last time I checked here and it's been about 2 years since I started reading this story I was wondering are you going to continue this or are you done with it if you are done with it can someone continued if I'm being rude sorry it's just that I like the story and I want to get to a conclusion if you catch my drift
9/12 c59 Guest
“Does the Black Moon howl?”
9/10 c38 Guest
“anyone getting the impression that the only reason the League works at all right now is because of Kurogiri?"
Kurogiri: Thank you
8/30 c60 Guest
I know you said you were gonna write up on chapters to prepare yourself. But it's almost been half a year now. So I'm a little worried this might have been dropped. Maybe post the first chapter that you finished just to show that you are still working on this? No pressure. Just would like to know the state of things.
8/25 c60 Azure dragon king
I thoroughly enjoy this story wondering when it will get updated?
8/22 c60 Autumn
I am checking nearly everyday for an update and I get it that ‘please update’ comments are annoying but I’d love to see what you have soon! Watching their tv fanfics are my favourite and its so hard to find decent mha ones! So I can’t wait for an update!
8/12 c52 kennymadison11
Iidas sacrifice will indeed be remembered.
8/10 c60 Sinbad
Can you please update your story with what you made so far, it’s been about 5 months now
8/10 c1 Black-Knight2500
The FMA fanfic Truth Revealed is back s/13892848/1/Truth-revealed thanks to Lucifer swift.
7/30 c19 128ShivaVixen
Now knowing what we do know about Rei’s side of the family, Todoroki’s wish for them to have protected rei is rather ironic now.
7/28 c39 Bikutoria Coco13
I've forgotten if you've mentioned it (I only skim a/n's so I wouldn't remember if it's mentioned especially since your chapters are such a good length (like a published story would beare you doing the I-Island thing (sorry I've never watched or read MHA as of yet since I only recently got into it due to some crossover Fanfiction and YouTube react videos)
7/27 c60 Likonu
I'm loving this fanfic and I know you said you were going to take a break and write the story in bulk but this is one of my favorite fanfics so please don't disappear like so many other authors!
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